How To Lose Weight With Whey

Whey protein will not only meet your protein requirement, but you can also lose weight with whey. The slimming property of whey, supported by scientific researches, has made it a popular ingredient in weight loss meals.

How To Lose Weight With Whey

What Is Whey?

Whey protein is a group of different types of proteins present in milk. More than half of the protein conglomerate comprises of beta-lactoglobulin, a type of protein that impairs muscle breakdown.

Alpha-lactalbumin the second most important globular protein in whey promotes serotonin secretion and regulates sleep. The weight management property of whey is primarily attributed to the amino acid Glycomacropeptide. The other components of whey boost immune function.

What is Whey

How To Lose Weight With Whey

The goal of a weight loss diet is to lose fat without losing the lean muscles. By severely cutting down calorie intake without adding healthy proteins to the diet, you might lose leans muscles along with fats.Maintaining the lean muscle mass is essential for burning calories. Including whey protein in the daily diet helps to correct protein deficiencies while supporting the fat loss process.

Before selecting a whey protein supplement it helps to keep in mind that some of these supplements formulated specifically for bodybuilders contain high levels of calories. Buy a low calorie, low fat whey product that easily fits into your low calorie diet.Whey protein isolate is the best form of whey protein. It contains the highest amount of protein and least amount of carbohydrates and calories among the different forms of whey proteins.

If you are planning to prepare whey protein milk shakes, consider selecting a flavored whey supplement that improves the flavor of the beverage. Whey protein can also be blended with low calorie desserts, fruits and even vegetable juices.Whey protein shakes can be taken twice a day, preferably with breakfast and dinner. A typical whey protein drink supplies the body approximately 200 calories. Occasionally, when you don’t have time for lunch, you can replace the meal with a whey protein milk shake.

Instead of taking the protein shake with meals or as meal replacement, it can be consumed after workouts, when the body needs amino acids to repair the damaged muscles. However, whey protein alone cannot bring down your body weight. It can only complement a low calorie diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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How Whey Protein Promotes Weight Loss

Studies have shown that drinking whey protein shakes causes moderate reduction in body fat and body weight. It can even cause moderate reduction in the circumference of the waist. Researches have shown that whey protein lowers the level of the hormone ghrelin in the blood.Ghrelin plays an important role in triggering hunger. The higher the amount of ghrelin in the blood, the more hungry is a person. With low concentration of ghrelin in the blood, you will feel full for a longer time.

Moreover, studies have revealed that people who drink whey protein shakes daily tend to consume fewer carbohydrates. Whey protein is believed to improve insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing blood sugar level in overweight diabetic people.

How Whey Protein Promotes Weight Loss