How to Recognize Your Skin Type

It is important to know the type of your skin you have in order to follow the proper skin care routine. Here is a brief guide to help you recognize your skin type.

Oily Skin
When you have oily skin your face typically starts shining within a couple of hours of cleansing. People with oily skin tend to over wash and over scrub their face in order to get rid of the extra sebum being produced. This is not a healthy habit. Over washing and over scrubbing worsens the problem.

The skin feels that the body’s natural oils are being depleted and hence the oil glands tend to overproduce oil.Washing your skin twice everyday with a gentle cleanser is enough. You can use an alcohol toner, rose water spray and even blotting paper throughout the day to get rid of the excess oil.

Use products that are exclusively marketed for oily skin. A quick fix remedy for the extra shine is to use a gentle ducting of matte powder foundation. Oily skin also tends to break out more often so it is important to keep the skin clean and dirt free at all times.

Dry Skin
If your skin feels tight after washing you have dry skin. Dry skin problems worsen during extreme climates. Hence it is important to use a cleanser especially marketed for dry skin. The cleanser should be gentle on the skin without any drying effects. After washing the skin shouldn’t feel stretched or tight. Use an alcohol free toner on the skin.

Moisturizers and creams are better than gels since gels also have drying effect on the skin. The magic mantra for dry skin is to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. Look for products that contain glycerin, shea butter and hyaluronic acid. These three ingredients work wonders on dry skin keeping it supple and wrinkle free.

Normal Skin
This is the skin that most of us aspire to have. This skin type has just the right balance of oil and water making the skin tone even and the texture smooth. People blessed with normal skin type require minimum skin care.

Routine cleansing with a gentle face wash and moisturizing with a skin cream is enough to take care of their skin’s daily needs. However, to maintain the balance of oil and water it is important that people with normal skin wear sunscreen lotions all through the day.