How to Safely Practice Yoga While Pregnant


Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for mother-to-be. Doing yoga prepares you physically as well as mentally for childbirth and the motherhood that soon follows. Yoga can be practiced from day one of pregnancy. The movements and positions of the yoga can be adjusted to suit the growing belly.

While yoga is considered very safe it is important to take a few precautions when performing prenatal yoga. Do not perform pre natal yoga with the same intensity that you performed it with during your pre-pregnancy days.

During pregnancy one must practice a less intense yoga workout. Do not try difficult and tricky positions that might hurt you and your unborn baby. Give your body the care that it needs.

Do not perform yoga exercises and poses that stretch the abdominal muscles or impact the abdomen in any way. During pregnancy the body releases hormone relaxin. This hormone makes the connective tissues delicate resulting in their easy tear. While you might feel up to performing such exercises but your body will have to bear the brunt of it.

Stop performing the back exercises once you finish your first trimester and start putting on weight in your abdomen. Exercising on your back can cut blood flow to the uterus that can be life threatening for the baby.

If you wish to perform the inverted yoga poses do so against a wall. This will minimize the risk of falling over. You don’t have to perform the inversions if you don’t feel up to it. Do yoga poses that you are comfortable with.

Do not do any exercise that requires you to jump or roll.If you must perform such exercises then substitute the jump for a step and the roll with a crawl.
When performing exercises that request you to bend forward or bend down, always bend from the hips instead of from the waist or the back. Bending from the hips will give your chest and lungs enough space to do breathe comfortably.

Avoid doing the poses that require you to twist. These can be potentially harmful to the baby especially if you have started to feel the baby movements. Twisting will also put pressure on your abdomen muscles.
Do not perform prenatal yoga without first consulting your doctor.


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