How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

If you are concerned about your increasing weight and want to shed the extra pounds you can do so by speeding up your metabolism. If your metabolic rate is high you can burn your calories and in the process lose more weight.

You may be surprised to know that if you keep your metabolism high you will lose your weight even while you sleep. It is your metabolism that decides the amount of fat you burn and the speed with which you burn your calories.

Given below are some guidelines on how to speed up your metabolism.

Eating foods high in protein will help you to speed up your metabolism. According to evidences, approximately 25% of calories in protein rich foods can be burnt. Include some carbs and a smaller portion of good fats in your diet.

Another factor that can help you in speeding up your metabolism is the inclusion of spices in your daily diet. You must spice up your meals because spices such as chilli are believed to boost metabolism by about 50% for about 3 hours after the consumption of meals. Spices and peppers increase your heart beat and thus speed up your metabolic rate.

Keep the portion of your meal small and eat often. The basic idea behind doing so is that about 10% of the calories you eat are spent towards digestion and absorption of the foods you eat. Hence, eating smaller meals 6 times a day will enable you to burn more calories.

Apart from providing you several other benefits, green tea also speeds up your metabolism significantly. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, which boosts your metabolism. For best results you should drink at least 4 cups of green tea every day.

Another simple way to speed up your metabolism is to drink cold water. If you drink at least 8 glasses of iced cold water per day your body will have to work harder in order to warm up the cold water resulting in burning more calories.

Increasing your body muscle by getting physically active will aid in speeding up your metabolism. For best result you should do a combination of resistance training and aerobic. Exercising in the morning on empty stomach for about half an hour is more effective in speeding up your metabolism.

Taking CLA supplements and having a sauna are also helpful in speeding up your metabolism.

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