How To Treat A Chemical Pregnancy


How To Treat A Chemical PregnancyA chemical pregnancy is a miscarriage that occurs within the first few days of pregnancy. In most cases the woman doesn’t even know that she was pregnant. In women who first test positive for pregnancy, later tests will reveal negative pregnancy results.

What Are The Signs Of Chemical Pregnancy?


Women who tested positive for pregnancy will experience periods a couple of days after the test. In olden days before thepregnancy kit was made available commercially,women didn’t even realize that they had been pregnant. These days the rate of chemical pregnancies is as high as 70%.

Low HCG Count

If you have suffered from a chemical pregnancy, your hCG count will lower.In healthy pregnancies the hCG level is high. As a matter of fact, if a woman is going to have a full-term pregnancy, her hCG count doubles after every 48 hours. hCG tests for signs of chemical pregnancy are conducted 48 hours apart.

Irregularity In Pregnancy Test Results

Pregnancy kits can help detect pregnancy after a week of unprotected sex. The kit reads a positive if the egg has fertilized. This does not mean that the egg has implanted itself in the womb. When the egg fails to plant itself, chemical pregnancy occurs. A repeat pregnancy test will give negative results.

What Is The Treatment For Chemical Pregnancy?

Chemical pregnancy can be a traumatic event for any woman, especially if she has been trying to conceive. It can also be difficult for women who had no idea that they were carrying. The loss of baby and the feeling of guilt can be immense in both cases.

Immediately consult a doctor if you notice any signs that resemble a miscarriage. The doctor can give you a proper diagnosis of your state. He/she will conduct tests to check for miscarriage including checking your hCG levels.

Loss of pregnancy results in normalization of hCG levels. In some cases the doctor may have to perform dilation and curettage or D&C. This surgical procedure is done only in cases of incomplete miscarriage.

The procedure helps remove all traces of pregnancy from the body. Any remnants of pregnancy in the body can lead to severe infection of the uterus. Leftover tissues will be scrapped from the walls of the uterus. Your doctor may want to send the fetus for tests to check for abnormalities. This is done in case of women who have had multiple chemical pregnancies.

How To Conceive After Chemical Pregnancy?

Do not be under the misapprehension that you cannot conceive or it will be difficult to conceive after a chemical pregnancy. However, don’t rush or be rushed into conceiving soon after your miscarriage.Your body requires at least a couple of months to heal completely before it can take the task of sustaining another pregnancy.

If you wish for a healthy and full-term pregnancy then you must give your body time to adjust to the loss and prepare itself for another pregnancy. Your doctor will advice you a waiting period of six months. You must take the doctor’s advice if you wish for a successful pregnancy.