How To Use Mint Juice To Treat Blackheads


Blackheads on the skin are the symptoms of acne, which occur in the form of black spots on the skin. The problem arises due to excessive production of oil or sebum by the sebaceous glands of the skin. The pores of the skin get clogged, subsequently resulting in formation of blackheads.

The beauty of the skin gets ruined due to these blackheads. There are several remedies which are available for treating blackheads. In this section, we shall discuss about the use of mint juice to treat blackheads.

Ways Of Treating Blackheads Through Mint Juice

Here are a few steps which should be followed by the sufferers of blackheads to treat blackheads naturally with the help of mint juice

Preparation Of Mint Juice

The first step with regard to treating blackheads through mint juice is to prepare mint juice. The mint leaves can either be bought commercially or grown in a home garden to extract the juice. The fresh mint leaves are processed in a food processor to extract the juice.

The extracted juice should be used immediately and the left over should be stored in refrigerator for future use. It is best advised to store the mint juice in frozen form in ice tray, and only defreeze the required amount at the time of need. An alternative solution to homemade mint juice is to buy it from the commercial market in packaged form.

Using Mint Juice to Treat Blackheads

The next step is to use the prepared mint juice on the skin for treating blackheads. The skin should be cleansed properly with a mild cleanser before the application of mint juice to treat blackheads.

Thereafter, the juice should be applied on the skin with the help of cotton ball.The skin should not be rinsed with water after applying the mint juice; rather it should be allowed to air dry, so that the mint extract penetrates through the skin to cure blackheads successfully.

Mint Based Wash For Decreasing Blackheads

Apart from using mint juice to treat blackheads,it is also necessary for a person to remain away from harsh skin products that might irritate the skin, so as to prevent the problem from aggravating.

Further, apart from using mint juice for curing blackheads, mint based wash also proves to be of tremendous assistance.The mint leaves are processed in a food processor, and the paste is pressed through a cheese cloth, to obtain a liquid, which is used as a face wash.

The face is then rinsed with this mint based wash at night and allowed to air dry.A few regular sessions would start showing successful results. However, patience is required to attain a glowing skin free of blackheads.

Hence, it would be right to state that for treating blackheads, you can make use of both mint juice and mint based wash. Both the treatments would give effectual results if practiced consistently and dedicatedly.

Also, it is side by side recommended to exfoliate the skin with a good scrub every alternate day, so that the pores of the skin do not get clogged, and the treatment of blackheads is speeded up.

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