Importance Of Nutrients And Calorie Content In Food

Everyday food supplements calories and nutrients are important not only for being fit and healthy but, without these, life itself will be close to impossible. Before proceeding, the important thing to be set right is the fact all of us know. It is that food can be classified into three categories viz., proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

They provide energy to the body and also supplement all the basic blocks that are required for growth and maintenance. These are considered as macro nutrients and including considerable quantities of this in everyday food is very important for well being.

This is not very easy as the traditional idea one had about food and diet has changed a lot in the recent days as researchers start discussing and researching more regarding calories and nutrients.  It is very important to know how our body utilizes the food it takes in. So, for this, it is important to know how important each of the macro nutrients is.

The human body is most importantly made of proteins. This is what keeps the structure of the human body alive and keeps the cells away from collapsing. Every protein  contains amino acids, which act as body building blocks. The human body requires 22 amino acids in order to make the proteins necessary for its body. The good news in this is the fact that 14 of these amino acids can be made by the human cells. The rest has to be obtained from the everyday food that is consumed.

Carbohydrates are also one among the macro nutrients. These are the energy giving nutrients. When the body loses calories and even all the other forms of nutrients in the body, it is carbohydrates that will come to the rescue by providing the required energy to the body. They help the body to breakdown the proteins and also give protection against toxins.

Fats are very essential for the body and have to be consumed in right and reasonable quantities. Natural fats consist of both saturated and unsaturated fats. Animal fat and coconut oils are highly saturated unlike fish oils that are unsaturated.

So, there is no doubt that all these are very important and one has to consume them in right quantities so as to bring about the right balance at least after reading the content above and realizing its importance.

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