Importance Of Protein For Women

Protein is one of the most important nutrients ingested by human body that helps in repairing worn out tissues and makes new blood cells. Proteins contain essential amino acids that are not manufactured by the body but have to be taken through diet, nutrition and supplements. The recommended daily protein intake should be ideally 10-15 % of our daily calorie intake.

Importance of protein for women cannot be ignored or denied. Females of all ages, in different stages of life need a good protein rich diet to maintain good physical and mental health.

Protein to fight obesity and lose weight: A protein rich diet is a must for weight watcher females and anyone who wants to keep fit and stay in shape. Replacing carbohydrates with high protein in your diet helps the body to burn fat, satiate hunger, sustain the muscles and increase the metabolic rate. All this combined with a good workout helps you attain weight loss goals.

Protein for a beautiful skin: Protein in all forms is an essential ingredient for a healthy, wrinkle free, smooth and supple skin. Collagen is the protein responsible for elasticity and suppleness of the skin. On a low protein diet, the skin tends to sag and first signs of ageing appear. Hence, a protein rich diet full of sprouts, legumes, egg whites and fish is necessary for a youthful skin.

Protein for pregnant women: When a woman carries a baby, protein is required for placenta formation, baby’s brain development, fetal weight gain and maturity. It also helps in repair and maintenance of muscles that contribute in easy delivery.

Protein for Lactating Mothers: While nursing a baby, a mother needs additional protein as it is essential to produce breast milk and provide good nourishment to the baby. A lactating mother should therefore have a protein rich diet to avoid any deficiencies in the baby.

Protein for ageing women: Regular intake of protein becomes even more important in the later stages of life. It helps prevent wrinkles and also reduces the risk of osteoporosis. A protein rich diet after 50s ensures a reduced risk of heart disease, lowers blood cholesterol, helps in easing menopause and keeps the body fit and strong.