5 Important Tips For Multiple Pregnancy Diet


A multiple pregnancy or when you are carrying twins or triplets may be a lot different than a normal, single fetus pregnancy. Carrying more than one baby in the womb is definitely a herculean task and takes a toll on your physical health.No doubt you are carrying double or triple joys of your life inside but this pregnancy often puts a huge amount of stress and problems on your body and mind.

Pregnancy Diet

Yes, it means extra nutrition, extra rest and extra care and precautions.For a proper and adequate development of your babies you need to eat really well and meet all the calorie requirements.Of course twin or triplet pregnancy would surely not mean eating triple or double amount of everything. This would lead to tremendous weight gain. You just need to eat a little extra to suffice the calorie needs of both the fetus.Here are a few excellent tips for multiple pregnancy diet to be taken if you are carrying twins, triplets or even quadruplets.

Take Not Of The Calorie Needs:

As discussed above you really do not need to eat double or triple amount of food for the multiple babies inside. It is better to consult a good dietician so that she can prepare a diet chart for your calorie requirement.Ideally, for a twin pregnancy you need to eat 300-350 calories per fetus extra. Hence an extra 600 calories is all you need for the babies’ growth and development and reduce the risk of under nourishment or growth retardation which is very common in multiple pregnancies.

Take Not Of The calorie Needs

Eat More Protein:

Good pregnancy nutrition means ample amount of protein for the optimum growth and development of the fetus inside. Proteins are the building block of the body and hence are necessary for building cells, muscles and bones.Make sure to take protein with all the meals as well as with snacks between the meals. Good sources of protein would be lean meat sources, eggs, cheese, nuts, peanut butter, lentils, legumes, soya, tofu etc. These can be had on a daily basis with each meal.

Eat More Protein

Extra Fiber:

A woman carrying twins or triplets in the uterus may experience severe irregularity with the bowel movements, because of the extra pressure on the abdomen by the large size of uterus.Hence, constipation is extremely common in multiple pregnancies, which is a great cause of discomfort. The only way to get rid of pregnancy constipation is to have more and more fiber with each diet and drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water every day.

Extra Fiber

Essential Supplements:

Not all the dietary needs can be fulfilled by the food alone specially in multiple pregnancies. Hence, prenatal supplements become all the more important in multiple pregnancies.Make sure to have folic acid, calcium and iron regularly to provide the right growth and development of the babies inside the womb. Also, a daily intake of multivitamin is also necessary to provide all the vital nutrients to the body.

Essential Supplements

Weight Management:

Apart from eating well you also need to manage your body weight if you are carrying twins. A twin pregnancy may allow a healthy weight gain of 35 -40ppound in the nine months.

Anything more than this is considered to be unhealthy and produces risks at the time of delivery. Hence regular exercise and some physical activity is necessary to keep the weight in check to ensure a safe

Weight Management