Information On Using A Pregnancy Calendar

With the thrill of expecting a baby, comes the responsibility of ensuring all is fine until birth. A pregnancy calendar is a great and a fun way of monitoring the growth of your baby.

Once you have the due date of the baby, it is extremely easy to monitor its growth using this calendar. Following are some simple steps that you should consider while using this calendar.

Choosing the perfect calendar

There are several types of calendars available today, both online as well as offline. Choosing the perfect pregnancy calendar should ideally depend on your needs and requirements.

While an offline one or a desktop calendar will help you monitor your progress better and more easily, an online one is easily shared. Often women tend to use both kinds of calendars, which make pregnancy more fun than ever.

Using the Calendar

Once you have chosen the perfect pregnancy calendar, you can enter your due date to receive a complete chart of what to expect, divided into days, weeks and months.

It is important to note that pregnancy calendars should be used in addition to regular doctor visits and not in lieu of. In other words, these calendars cannot and should not replace regular visits to your doctor, which will help you gain more intrinsic knowledge about your baby’s growth.

However, this calendar can help give you an idea about what to expect when you go for your doctor’s appointment. Idea in terms of how big the baby should be, what stage of development can be expected during that particular visit, what parts of the body are developing etc.

It is important to reiterate here that this calendar should only be used for reference and is not the final rule. Different women experience different kinds of pregnancies, where things move differently.

This calendar is merely a mode to ensure that things are moving normally and that there is nothing abnormal about your pregnancy, which you need to fear.

Moreover, it is important not to confuse a pregnancy calendar, which is used after conception with an ovulation calendar, which is used for conception. More importantly, never use it as a substitute for medical help, as it is not.