Insomnia And Signs Of Sleep Deprivation: Tips To Treat Sleeping Problems

Tips To Treat Sleeping Problems

Sleeplessness or insomnia is one of the most common conditions today with people who are overworked, stressed or have a hectic professional or personal life. Most of us do not even come to know that we are sleep deprived, till the body starts giving plenty of signals of fatigue and tiredness. Research scientists have termed sleeplessness or sleep deprivation as the biggest silent killer, often resulting in a stroke or a nervous breakdown.

Tips To Treat Sleeping Problems

Symptoms Of Insomnia

Here are a few clear signals and signs to check if you really are sleep deprived and you need to revive your sleep pattern and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Confused Mind

That’s the first sign of sleeplessness. You will be confused and perplexed throughout the day if you did not get a good night’s sleep. Delay in taking decisions, forgetfulness and fuzziness are biggest insomnia symptoms. Studies have proved that if you are not taking a good sleep then the part of the brain that helps you make decisions slows down and makes you even slower in thinking capabilities.

Confused mind

Low Immunity

People who sleep less have the lowest immunity, has been proved by some latest researches. Less than 7 hours of sleep can make you even more prone to cold, cough and flu. A good sleep induces the immune system of our body to release a particular protein known as cytokines, which is responsible for fighting infections and diseases. Hence a good, peaceful and sound sleep is a must for boosting immunity.

Immune system

Unexplained Hunger And Bingeing

If you feel hungry all day long and have a severe craving for food and you end up over eating your meals between meals, then you are probably suffering from sleep deprivation. Loss of sleep may create havoc with your blood sugar levels and make you feel hungry all the time. Disturbed sugar levels may cause an increased secretion of hormone ghrelin that is responsible for increasing hunger and thus resulting in overeating and weight gain.

Unexplained hunger

You Feel Like An Emotional Wreck

Less sleep makes your temperament a little more emotional and nervous. By missing your night’s sleep you tend to become more emotionally volatile and can cry bundle of tears at the drop of hat. Lack of sleep may make you more irritable and cranky. If you are not getting enough sleep the balance of neuro-transmitters in the brain may get disturbed which is responsible for a bad mood and negative behavior.

Emotional Wreck

Loss Of Memory

Another adverse impact of less sleeping may result in loss of memory or slight amnesia. Sleep deprived people have shown very slow motor skills resulting in a breakdown of thinking process and loss of memory and forgetfulness.

It is a scientific fact that whatever memory data that you collect in the day time gets accumulated and processed while you sleep in the night. If you sleep less in the night than their might be a data loss resulting in poor memory and improper concentration to recollect the data.

Loss of memory

Tips To Treat Insomnia

Here are a few wonderful tips to get rid of insomnia and get a good night sleep. Insomnia cures are plenty and would differ from person to person. All these cures might not work for each individual. But these tips would definitely help you get rid of day time lethargy and help you stay fresh and energetic whole day.

All these insomnia treatments are completely natural and do not require any sleep inducing medication. They are largely based on the stimulation and relaxation of your mind.

Exercise And Physical Activity

A daily routine of some vigorous or mild physical activities are extremely important to get a good and healthy sleep in the night. You can start with mild walks and then graduate to some good aerobic exercises like running, jogging, swimming, tennis or any other sport. The exercises will energize you for the whole day and would also help you to get a deep sleep throughout the night.

Do Exercises

Eat Smaller Meals

Instead of bingeing on a large meal, especially at night, it is important to have smaller meals spaced out at regular intervals throughout the day. This saves you from day time lethargy and untimely hunger. It keeps you charged up whole day.

Also with a light dinner meal it is easy to go to bed and have a peaceful sleep. A heavy meal at the time of bed may result in indigestion, heartburn and difficulty in breathing while lying down, making you sleepless and restless throughout the night.

Eat smaller meals

Avoid Stimulating Drinks Before Sleeping

If you have a habit of sipping tea or coffee just before sleeping, it is advisable to stop it immediately. Taking any stimulant in the night time comes in the way of your natural sleep cycle and makes you even more alert and active. Avoid doing any activity like taking caffeinated drinks, watching movie or any other such thing that may increase your alertness and make you sleep deprived.

Sipping tea

Relax And Meditate

Apart from other insomnia cures, practicing meditation and a few other relaxation techniques would be quite helpful in helping you get a good and peaceful sleep in the night. Meditation helps you focus on a single point and doesn’t allow your mind to race ahead in various directions.

A very good meditation and relaxation strategy is to lie down straight and tense all the body parts and then releasing them from bottom to top. This would help you focus your attention to your body and would help you relax your mind as well.


Warm Milk And A Good Book

The age old cure of insomnia works even today. A glass of warm milk advised just before bed by our forefathers is not really a cliché. Studies have proved that warm milk is a sure shot cure of insomnia. According to some recent researches warm milk is rich in an enzyme called Tryptophan which increases the body’s ability to sleep better.

Also, reading a book just before sleeping is a very good sleep inducer. Reading in a relaxed atmosphere would work up your brain making it a little tired and sleepy.

Drink warm milk