Jump Your Way To Fitness!

Getting and staying fit is indeed one of the most important tasks of the topical times. Most people, in order to get fit, literally starve themselves and follow rigorous exercising schedules. This not only generates physical fatigue but it also proves to be a test of their mental strength and endurance. And undoubtedly, not many can endure for long! Thereby, it is considerably better to look for an easy way which leads to fitness. And Jumps are undoubtedly one of these ways!

Jumping is not merely an exercise. It is essentially a mix of activity and work outs. Scientific studies have proved that jumps alone have the capability of curing a number of bodily diseases ranging from high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol to obesity, depression and even heart problems!

Additionally, if undertaken and done in the correct order and with complete safety regulations, they boost the immunity of your body while raising the strength of your muscles. Collectively, they play a pivotal role in helping you stay fit and healthy. Nonetheless, jumping does not mean, hopping or leaping around randomly.

This too has to be done with a proper order. Here is what you should try. Begin with a general warm up. If you have a skipping rope handy, try skipping. This will adequately energize you for the rest. If this can not be done, just stand on one place and jump on your feet lightly, around ten times. This will release the stored energies and prepare you for the further regime.

Jumps are generally divided into two portions- elevated and explosive. Both of these need to be done one after the other, in quick succession. So, start up with the elevated jumps first. Move up on an elevated platform which has a distance of about four to five feet from the ground.

Now, jump from there. Try to make your landing smooth and stand on your feet. Do not fall upon your knees, elbows or hands as this will diminish the entire purpose. Repeat this about five to ten times.

For explosive jumps, stand firm on the ground and look up. Decide a point to touch on the wall and jump up with full force to actually touch it. This way, your body explodes upwards and lands hard. However, try to make the landing soft. Though this would be tough to do initially, with time, you are sure to correct your jumping movements.

By inculcating these little jumping tricks into your everyday routine, you will surely be able to counter numerous health problems. So, get up and get jumping! It is indeed the perfect way to fitness!