Kickboxing For Health And Fitness

A regular exercise routine is a must for having a healthy body and a healthy mind. Kickboxing is a great method of exercising and being in shape. The latest and most popular method of kickboxing is cardio kickboxing. It is also referred to as kickboxing aerobics. This modern type of kickboxing is a fusion of cardio exercises, aerobics and kickboxing.

Kickboxing provides an overall workout for the body. It helps in the cardiovascular conditioning of an individual. It improves your flexibility and helps in the proper balance and coordination of the body reflexes.

Kickboxing also increases your stamina and endurance. It is seen that an hour of kickboxing helps in the burning of around 600-900 calories. Since a lot of calories are burnt in a small amount of time, kickboxing becomes a suitable weight loss exercise for those who do not have much time to spare for exercises. Kickboxing is also helps in conditioning your mind as it helps in controlling anger and removing frustration.

A cardio kickboxing session starts off with a warm up session, followed by kick box training and is concluded with a cool down session. The warm ups can be pushups, jumping jacks or light punches. The pushups act as a means of strength training. The kicking session can be done by using boxing gloves and a punching bag or you can also resort to shadow boxing.

Kicking of punching bags is proven to act as a very big stress reliever. You can kick and elbow the bag in different ways. The cooling down session involves stretching and muscle conditioning with sit ups, crunches and squats. This is very essential in providing relaxation to the tired muscles.

There are many precautions to be taken care of while kickboxing. Proper padding and loose comfortable clothing should be worn. The shoes worn should provide support to the ankles.  You should start off initially with either upper body kicks or lower body kicks and later on combine both kicks.

Do not involve in high kicks until and unless your muscles are that flexible. Do not over exert yourself. Keep yourself hydrated always. Also it is advisable to consult your physician and do a complete checkup before venturing into kickboxing.

Thus by practicing kickboxing on a regular basis you can achieve your goal of total health and fitness of both the body and mind.