Kids Fitness: An Area Of Concern

Fitness Tips For Kids

With the fast moving world it is very difficult for parents to keep an eye on their kid’s fitness. Moreover both the parents are working these days in every family so keeping a check on the kid’s fitness and health is a big challenge.

Fitness Tips For Kids

After a long hour work in the office the parents also demand some rest and mental piece so many a times they overlook their kid’s minor health problems. Ignoring the kid’s fitness problems initially might prove disastrous in the long run.

Kids should be treated with healthy snacks whenever they feel hungry, not with processed or packaged foods. As they are high in calorific content they contribute to the kid’s obesity. Develop the habit of eating one fruit a day when they feel hungry.

There are few easy ways to prepare healthy breakfast for your kids if you are running out of time. Just mix some fresh frozen berries, yoghurt and granola and serve it with Juice or milk.

Give healthy breakfast

This type of breakfast is delicious, time saving and nutritious as well. Or you can prepare scrambled eggs and add them to warmed flour tortilla.Fruit salad or cinnamon toasts are also a healthy option. Do not make them couch potatoes by making them stick to cartoon network or any other cartoon channel .Instead do some physical activity with them this will refresh your mind also .

Like you can have a snowball fight during winters or you can build snowman with them . If not willing to go outside play some indoor games like hide and seek in the house. The kids will also enjoy your involvement and attention. Sharing meal with your family is very important as it satisfies you both physically as well as emotionally.

You can make them participate in various activities for laying the table. Like they can keep all the utensils needed for dinner. Bring water or lay the food on the table. This way you will also get some help. Children are basically very energetic and with proper guidance you can divert that energy in various creative and fun activities. Best way to make them active is be active yourself. By setting an example for them you can later involve them also in your physical exercise or yoga routine.

Yoga routine

So before you take them off the couch you have to get off from the couch. Restrict your television time or watch T.V. later when they are sleeping. Thus by setting a routine you can check their routine also. Try to take him out for various creative activities like going to park not just for running or playing, spend some time collecting flowers or leaves with him.

If going to beach make sand dunes or some figures with him. All these activities will make him feel special and develop his interest in fitness. Fitness should be promoted as fun not as a compulsion. For that you have to be a part of the games like jump-rope or Simon says etc. Take your kid out for an activity party with his friends and he will also love it. Thus by setting an example for them you can teach them the importance of being fit.

Kids in park