Know 10 Common Migraine Triggers


Know 10 Common Migraine TriggersMigraine is a painful headache which affects us and hampers our work and everyday activities. Although it is bit difficult to find out the real cause of migraine, but then too we have tried to identify few triggers which are most commonly responsible for causing migraine.

Usually we ignore the frequent headaches as normal headaches, but they can be migraine. If we will know the things that can be foods or environment or anything else which triggers migraine we can control or avoid such things i9n future to stay away from migraine.

Take Controlled Caffeine

It has been found that too much of caffeine or sudden cut in the intake of caffeine can cause migraine. Try to avoid excess of foods or drinks containing caffeine that is the best way to avoid migraine.

Do not suddenly curb the intake of caffeine as it might also cause migraine. Usually weight supplements, colas, sodas, tea, coffee and chocolates are rich in caffeine, so now you know what you need to do with them.

Food Triggers

There are many foods which act as migraine triggers. It is juts that you need to identify which ones are bad for you or the one which you are sensitive too and just stay away from them.

Some basic food triggers which cause migraine are Red wine , figs , raisins, dairy products,( yoghurt, milk, cheese, ice cream ),citrus fruits, beer, wine, bananas , aged cheese, onions, papaya, soy sauce , MSG , lentils , nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, fermented and pickled products, pea pods, nitrate containing meats, processed meats , chocolates, yeast containing products, processed potatoes and sulphates in shrimps. You just need to identify which one acts as a trigger for you and just avoid eating that food trigger.

Emotional And Stress Triggers

Even day to day stress of work load or home can lead to rick of migraine. You will be surprised that it is not just the stress but any kind of emotional changes like having a baby, getting married, Shifting to a new house can also cause migraine. It is any kind of emotional or mental pressure can cause the danger of migraine.

Anger, fights, depression or sudden loss, all these are such emotionally charged moments which can be responsible for triggering migraine attack. With the help of healthy lifestyle and managing your time you can overcome these attacks easily.

Sensory Triggers

Many a times it is noticed that over exposure of any sensory system also causes migraines, like if you are exposed to vibrant and flashy lights, strong sunlight or moving bus or car can also trigger migraine. Strong smells like smell of perfumes, paint thinner, cigarette smoke, ammonia and any strong cooking odour can instigate the olfactory sensory organ and thus trigger migraine.

You can avoid these triggers by staying away from using strong perfumes and smokers. While cooking make sure your kitchen is perfectly aerated and when you go out in the sun do not forget to wear your sunglasses and cover your head to avoid migraine.

Check Your Medicines

Few medicines can trigger migraine like hydralazine and loniten, which dilate the blood vessels in our body. Many medicines like birth control pills and medicines used for hormone related diseases or therapy also cause migraine, Cimetidine , fenfluramine, nifedipine etc.

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Also act as common migraine triggering medicines. The best way is to discuss with your doctor so that he can prescribe some other alternative medicine which will not cause migraine.

Changes In Altitude And Weather

Migraine can be triggered both by heights as well as any sudden change in weather. The weather change could be anything from strong and heavy rains, humidity, barometric pressure or any storm. It has been found that in California, USA, there is Santa Ana wind which when blows triggers migraine in many people who are suffering from migraine.

Same way all the hikers, mountaineers also suffer from sudden migraine attack when they climb high altitudes. Rather some people are so sensitive to altitude that travelling in airplane can trigger migraine attack in them. The only way to handle these attacks is to consult a doctor.

Physical Triggers

These are some common factors in our day to day life which can cause migraine attack, like lifting heavy objects in the house or a difficult bowel movement can instigate this attack. The only way to handle it is follow a healthy lifestyle so that such situations never arise to trigger migraine attack. Be cautious while you lift any heavy object; take someone’s help in doing so.

When working out do not increase the weights suddenly , make the increase gradually, avoid constipation by eating healthy and fibre rich food to aid bowel movement, do not remain hungry for long time , all these few changes in your lifestyle can help you in avoiding migraine easily. If you are quitting smoking, then do not leave it suddenly, it can trigger migraine attack, do it slowly and take somebody’s help while doing so.

Hormonal Triggers

Sometimes changes in the level of the hormones causes migraine especially in women ,They are the ones who witness hormonal changes quite often , rather every month during their menstrual cycle and the migraines which occur during this time are called ‘menstrual migraines’. When the estrogens level drops in the body they go away on their own.

Many times it is found that in some women birth control pills and pregnancy cures migraine, while in some it triggers migraine. So depending upon their body type they should use oral cobnt6arception. Generally women should look for birth control pills with least amount of estrogens in order to avoid migraine attacks.

Get A Nice Sleep

Sleeping pattern also determines the migraine attacks, if you sleep too much or too less then there are chances of migraine attacks. SO the sleep should be sound and deep and not sleep for very long hours, all this can trigger migraine.

Make your sleeping pattern regular and try to meditate or exercise so that you get a nice sound sleep. If travelling you can take sleeping pills, with doctor’s advice if unable to sleep. If unable to sleep due to recent delivery then you can ask family members you help you in handling the baby so that you can get time to sleep.

Avoid Hunger

It sis found that empty stomach is also responsible for migraine attacks , so always remember to keep your tummy filled, howsoever busy you are. Never skip your meals and you can also take vitamin supplements for healthy body.