Know About Fungal Nail Treatment

If you are suffering from nasty smelling nails that are discolored, then chances are that you are suffering from nail fungus. Whilst this is an extremely embarrassing and painful condition, it is not incurable.

However, even with the best of cures, chances are that it may take time before you are completely rid of it. Following are some of the basics regarding fungal nail treatment that you should know about before treating yours.

Types of treatment

Fungal nail treatment is essentially of two types, namely topical treatment and oral anti fungal treatments. In the case of topical treatments, there are creams or lotions, which are applied topically, as the name suggests, which helps alleviate the condition and finally cure it.

These include both home based remedies like apple cider vinegar etc as well as creams and lotions available over the counter. Oral anti fungal treatments are usually pills that are required to be taken internally, which help in curing the problem.

Advantages and disadvantages of Topical treatments

The biggest advantage of topical fungal nail treatment is that it is easily available over the counter, without any prescription. Moreover, as it is to be applied externally, chances of side effects are minimal.

However, the time taken for actual cure is the biggest disadvantage of this kind of treatment. In other words, topical treatments often take a long time to cure and often cure only the symptoms rather than the causes.

This often results in relapse of the condition. Moreover, repeated application is required before you are completely rid of the problem, which could prove to be expensive. Additionally, these creams can be smelly, causing problems of their own by drying out the skin adjoining the nail.

Advantages and disadvantages of Oral treatments

Oral fungal nail treatment is perhaps the best cure for such problems as they actually target the cause of the problem rather than only the symptom. Moreover, they are stronger than creams, often taking lesser time for curing. Finally, you often observe results by taking a single pill only once a day.

However, the biggest disadvantage of such treatments is that you require a doctor’s prescription. Moreover, they are more expensive than the creams and in some cases cause side effects.

Before opting for any kind of fungal nail treatment, it is always advisable to visit a doctor, which will result in better and speedier results.