Know About Some Basic Causes Of Arrhythmia

Causes Of Arrhythmia

Causes Of Arrhythmia

Heart beats in a human body are controlled by electric impulses. The condition caused in the heart due to irregularity in these impulses is Arrhythmia. This is one of the commonest heart problems faced by humans today, with nearly 2.2 million people suffering from this condition.

It is important to note that this condition can also occur in a healthy heart and be of no consequence. However, when this occurs in a person with a weak heart, it is serious and often fatal. Following are some of the basic causes of this condition.

Coronary Heart Disease

Heart Diseases

Heart diseases of any kind, especially Coronary heart disease are common causes of Arrhythmia. It is important to understand that this condition is caused by the presence of scar tissue or plaque, which is an important cause of the

It is believed that the presence of scar tissue in the arteries blocks the free movement of these impulses, which automatically leads to irregular heartbeats. Similarly, if a person has had a heart attack or is prone to such attacks, he or she suffers from irregular heartbeats.

Other Reasons

High blood pressure

Arrhythmia is also caused by several other reasons, including health problems in an individual like diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism etc. All these factors contribute to irregularity of the heartbeat, which could lead to this particular condition.

Similarly, Arrhythmia is also caused due to external factors like smoking or alcohol or caffeine, especially when consumed in large quantities. Stress is another important factor, which could easily cause this condition in a person. All these above factors lead to irregularity in heartbeats, which often has serious consequences.

Quit alcohol and smoking

Certain medications can also cause this condition, especially cold and cough medications that are available over the counter. It is believed that these medicines have the ability to change the rhythm of your heartbeat, causing it to beat faster, which could lead to such a condition.

Whilst in most cases Arrhythmia is caused by an external factor or some problem in the heart, there are cases, where it is congenital or due to birth. People are often born with some defect or deficiency in their heart, which could lead to irregularity in heartbeats.