Know About Some Basic Symptoms Of Jaundice

The medical condition that occurs due to reduction in the production of liver cells or by obstruction in the bile duct is called jaundice. Many experts often believe that this is not an illness but a sign or symptom that might occur in different illnesses.

Following are some of the common symptoms of jaundice as expressed in humans.

Discoloration of eyes, urine and skin

One of the common symptoms of jaundice is the discoloration of the eyes, urine, skin and tongue. All these parts reflect a yellow color because of the bilrubin that is present in excess in the blood. Bilrubin is the byproduct of old red blood cells, which are usually broken down in the liver. Urine is also discolored, which could be dark, murky or tinged with blood.

Itching and Pain

Symptoms of jaundice also include excessive itching, which could spread throughout the body or confined to a certain area. Similarly, jaundice is accompanied by a dull pain in the liver as well body pain. Often this is accompanied by a severe loss of appetite, which means that the body does not receive the required nutrients to help it get better.

Nausea and vomiting

Jaundice is often marked with nausea and vomiting, often severe in certain cases, depending on the extent of the illness in the individual. These symptoms also lead to a direct loss in appetite as the individual is often unable to keep anything in his or her body and throws it out immediately. Often medical experts prescribe a mild diet, which can be easily ingested by such patients.

Fever, Fatigue and Headache

Symptoms of jaundice also include fever, which could range from mild to severe, depending on the intensity of the problem. Fever is often accompanied by fatigue and headache. Largely this is due to the lack of appetite and the inability to absorb nutrients from food into the blood. Severe fatigue often leads to inability to do anything. The mild diet mentioned above is a simple way to overcome weakness brought on by jaundice.

It is important to note that these are the most prominent symptoms of jaundice usually exhibited. However, it is not necessary that all individuals will exhibit all symptoms as they will differ for different individuals, depending on their exact illness.