Know About Some Effective Eye Exercises

It is no surprise that eyesight becomes weak with age, which leads to several eye problems. However, recently, it is seen that age is no factor for poor eyesight. Several young children are found wearing glasses due to problems related to the eyesight. While genetics is one reason for such problems, lack of eye exercises can be called the second contributing factor. Following are simple exercises that you can do to avoid eye problems and ensure perfect vision, even at an old age.


This is one of the basic eye exercises promoted by ophthalmologists today. Though many people feel that the sun harms our vision, ophthalmologists believe that taking in the sun during sunrise or sunset is actually good for vision. In this exercise, one has to ensure that you put your palm around one eye and then roll your head while doing so. Repeating this motion with the other eye will ensure perfect vision.


An offshoot of sunning, these eye exercises require you to rub your hands together to create warmth. Then put your palm onto your eyes to transfer the heat. Close your eyes for about 60 seconds and relax. Ensure that you do not put much pressure on your eyes while palming. Relaxation is extremely important for improving sight.


Blinking is a very important exercise of the eye muscles, which actually improves eyesight. Often people working on computers forget to blink for a long time, which could lead to problems with eyesight. Stopping work in between to continuously blink allows the eye muscles to work and your eyesight to remain problem free.

Movement Of The Eye

This is one of the basic eye exercises recommended by many doctors today. It requires you to look at a particular object or look in a direction. Once your vision is fixed, try to rotate your eyes, first clockwise and then in an anticlockwise direction. This exercise will go a long way in restoring the sharpness in vision and help improve your eyesight.

While following these simple eye exercises will definitely help improve vision, it is also important to eat well and give rest to your eyes.