Know About Some Home Cough Remedies

Cough is basically an action of the body designed to throw away the unwanted substances from the body. It is a sudden yet repetitive contraction of the throat, which results in air being dispelled with a sound.

Cough can be caused by a variety of reasons including environment, infection etc. Irrespective of the reason, curing cough is best done through home cough remedies, especially if it is minor.

Remedying cough at home

One of the simplest home cough remedies is to mix warm water with lots of salt and using this water to gargle. Gargling regularly with such water is effective in reducing the discomfort.

Remedies with ingredients available at home

Honey is one of the most important ingredients for home cough remedies. Adding a pinch of white pepper, finely ground, to a teaspoon of honey and taking this mixture 4-5 times a day will definitely help cure cough.

Similarly, when honey is taken with black pepper it makes the body throw away the mucus, which helps in reducing cough. A simplest remedy using honey is to mix it with a few drops of vodka or brandy and have it before going to bed.

Tea with honey is a good way to reduce cough. The tea can be raspberry, licorice or honeysuckle. Alternatively, you could add honey to orange juice and drink it to reduce cough. Mixing 5 ml of onion juice with 10 ml of honey and having this mixture twice daily helps reduce cough. Similarly mix 5 ml of tulsi and 10 ml of honey and have this mixture twice daily to reduce cough.

In addition to honey, turmeric, ginger and pepper are also great ingredients for home cough remedies. Drinking warm milk that has been mixed with home ground turmeric is a great way to treat cough at home. Similarly, inhaling fumes of hot boiling water mixed with turmeric helps in controlling cough.

Tea with ginger or eating raw ginger will also help in reducing cough. Mixing black pepper with long pepper and dry ginger in equal quantities and eating this mixture with honey also helps reduce cough.

It is important to note that these are just few of the important home cough remedies easily available at home. However, if your cough is chronic and does not reduce with these remedies, it is best to get medical help.