Know About Some Kidney Stone Symptoms

Kidney stones are nothing but crystalline masses that are small and stone like in structure and present in the kidneys. When urine is low and stone forming substances are high in content, then kidney stones are formed.

Kidney stones can be passive, not showing any symptom or active, depending on the size of the stone and other factors. Kidney stone symptoms are different for different people and following are some of the basic symptoms displayed by men, women and children.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Men

Occurrence of such kidney stones is more in men than women and the most commonly experienced symptom is that of acute abdominal pain. This is often accompanied by pain in the lower back and lower belly region.

Muscles of the ureter are known to contract when the stone passes to the bladder, where it causes pain if the stone is large. Other kidney stone symptoms in men include nausea, vomiting and burning sensation in the groin.

Symptoms shown by Women

Most women suffering from kidney stones are often in their fifties. While the kidney stone symptoms in women are pretty much the same as men, they can be divided as during pregnancy and without being pregnant.

Usual symptoms include pain during urination, frequent urination, severe back pain, blood in urine and pain in the kidneys. When the woman is pregnant, these symptoms are accompanied by acute discomfort and pain in the abdomen.

Symptoms in Children

Whilst the cases of such kidney stone are minimal in children, they are not completely free from it, although causes are not known. Commonly exhibited kidney stone symptoms in children include back pain, pain in the abdomen, frequent need to urinate and pain and blood during urination.

In babies, you can witness constant crying, due to inability to bear the pain, in addition to other symptoms of urinary tract infection.

If these kidney stone symptoms are accompanied by fever, excessive chills, excessive blood in urine, smelly urine, vomiting and burning sensation during urination, then chances are that you require urgent medical help. Do not ignore any of these symptoms as early treatment can actually prevent worsening of your condition.