Know About Tennis Elbow Treatment

Ways To Treat Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis elbow is the excruciating pain experienced by individuals in the forearm, especially in the elbow region. Tennis elbow is often caused by injury or trauma to the muscles in that particular region of the forearm and is marked by excruciating pain, which radiates right up to the wrist.

Ways To Treat Tennis Elbow Treatment

Whilst this is an extremely painful condition, it is not really serious and can be cured with simple methods. Following are some of the common tennis elbow treatment methods available for curing this ailment.


Tennis elbow treatment primarily ensues that you take complete rest. In other words, it is important to rest your arm and not perform any activity, which could aggravate the pain or problem. Although this is difficult to follow, given the nature of our work, it is the most effective. Doctors often prescribe a sling or support to help reduce the pain, while resting.

Take rest

Application Of Ice

Inflammation of the tendons or muscles is treated by applying ice to the area, which is the best way to reduce the inflammation or swelling. Similarly, when facing tennis elbow, the best treatment while resting your hand is to apply ice on the swollen portion, to reduce the inflammation.

Use ice

Anti Inflammatory Drugs

These are painkillers which are an essential part of tennis elbow treatment. It is important to note that these are non steroidal drugs, like ibuprofen, which are excellent for reducing the pain. However, not many agree that these are the best treatment for this problem.

Anti Inflammatory Drugs

Cortisone Injections

Another popular tennis elbow treatment is cortisone injections, prescribed by your doctor. These are directly injected into the affected area. However, experts believe that these injections should be avoided unless absolutely essential. In other words, use these injections only if other therapies and treatments fail.

Cortisone Injections

Restorative Exercises

Restorative or rehabilitative exercises are excellent remedies for tennis elbow. Where the other treatments mentioned above help reduce the inflammation or pain, this treatment will help prevent its relapse or recurrence, and is hence prescribed.

However, it is important to note that this therapy is used only in cases, where the doctor has recommended surgery, as this is a follow through for surgical treatments. Surgery is another tennis elbow treatment prescribed by doctors, but only when other treatments fail.

Do exercises