Know More About Joint Pain Remedy

Infection or inflammation of tissue often leads to joint pain, which could be caused by myriads of reasons. Common reasons for joint pain include Hepatitis, Lyme disease, sprains, tendinitis, rubella etc and there are several ways in which this pain can be easily overcome.

Following are some simple joint pain remedy options that will help overcome this problem.

Diet and Herbal Remedies

Most illnesses and problems can be resolved by modifications in your diet. Modifying your diet to include sulfur rich foods is a great joint pain remedy option. Sulfur is an important ingredient for building, strengthening and rebuilding bones, cartilage and tissues in our body.

A sulfur rich diet would essentially include eggs, watermelon, avocado, onions, asparagus, garlic, carob seeds, nuts, alfalfa etc. In addition to dietary modifications, including certain herbs will also help relieve joint pain. Winter cherry and Boswellia are two important herbs that help relieve joint pain. Whilst the latter is available in tincture or capsule form, the former should be taken as tea or as a pill.

Exercise and Physiotherapy Remedies

Exercise and physiotherapy are two simple yet effective joint pain remedy options available today. Most experts advise stretching to help overcome pain in the joints and stop their worsening. However, this should be done in consultation with your physician.

Alternatively, electrical stimulation is known to reduce pain in the joints. Essentially, small devices are connected to the joints, which send small electrical pulses through the skin. In severe cases of joint pain, these electrical stimulations disrupt the signals of pain, which ultimately reduces the pain.

Medication and Surgery

Acetaminophen is a non prescription drug that is an excellent joint pain remedy option. This is a safe option that helps cure arthritic pain. However, whilst this is effective, taking medication without consulting your physician is not advisable.

Finally, of course, surgery is an excellent way to reduce joint pain. However, it is important to opt for surgery only after all other methods have failed or not produced any results. When opting for surgery, you can choose between joint fusion and joint replacement, depending on the extent of damage to the joint.

Irrespective of the exact joint pain remedy option you choose, make sure you consult a physician to determine the exact nature of your pain. This will avoid problems in the future.