Know The Reasons For Not Losing Weight

We are often very disturbed with fat getting accumulated at the hips and thighs or the stomach, you sweat it out to bring back the shape, which may seem futile after a while, when you see the stubborn fat clinging to your body.

Inspite of healthy lifestyle you go on adding pounds and get overweight. So what is that which triggers fat accumulation in the body? These unhealthy fats as we are aware pose health issues.Let’s give a peek into this problem.

In today’s busy life, stress is a constant companion for most of us. But have you realized the repercussions it has on the body. To combat stress, our body releases a hormone called cortisol, which negatively impacts the body with a quick weight gain, targeting mainly stomach, as the body stores fat to meet the energy requirement. The best solution is to relax with yoga or meditation.

Women abhor fat arms and thick thighs, but do you know that chemicals are behind the scene to give you unshapely figure. If you resort to artificial sweetener, then you are at stake, it is one of the causative factor for fat accumulation and the beverage that you sip from your favorite plastic bottles leach out chemicals making you store fat at these spots.

Replace your plastic bottle with the glass. Contraceptive pills are also the culprit as it produces extreme estrogen which leads to storing of fat; you can consult a doctor for advice. Your personality can be marred with unhealthy fat bags at the hips, buttocks, at the back etc. Cut down on the refined sugars include whole grains like pasta, oatmeal etc into your palate.

Women love dresses that can reveal shapely legs, but puffy knees can jeopardize your desire to dress to the occasion. You may resort to healthy weight loss programs, which may not give positive result as some health problems can impede weight loss.

Puffy knees are mainly due to water retention. Drink plenty of water and reduce consumption of wheat to prevent bloating. Sleep deprivation can lead to fat accumulation due to inadequate secretion of growth hormone.

Have a deeper insight for the lack of weight loss or unsightly fat accumulation. Eliminate the factors that trigger it. Good sleep and relaxation can give perfect silhouette.