Laser Acne Treatment

Acne or pimple is basically a condition which is caused by the secretion of the oil sebum in excessive amounts by the sebaceous glands and thereby blocking those pores. There is an array of remedies available for its cure right from home remedies to certain medications. But in spite of that it would be difficult to treat these constant breakouts. 

Laser Acne Treatment

Now- a- days there are new laser acne therapies available which are pretty effective but it should often be the last resort i.e. it should be opted for only when all the other remedies have failed.

Some of these laser therapies are Blue light therapy, Diode laser Therapy, Photo dynamic therapy etc. In these therapies the light/laser without causing any harm to the surface of the skin reaches the deeper layers and destroys the sebaceous glands there leading to lesser oil production henceforth. Some of these therapies are also believed to target the P.acnes i.e. propionibacterium acne which causes the inflammation of acne,In the blue light therapy the skin is exposed to a low intensity blue light, which destroys the P.acnes. This P.acne rapidly multiplies and hence this treatment is carried out in a series of sessions. It is usually painless.

Blue light therapy

A new therapy which includes the use of red light is believed to be more effective than this alone. Another therapy is the pulsed light and heat energy therapy, which destroys the P.acnes and reduces the size of the sebaceous glands.The Diode laser therapy may be painful but it can be controlled with the application of analgesics. A photodynamic therapy is a combination of the laser therapies and other topical applications. And in the Photoneumatic therapy a vacuum suction is used in order to remove the dead skin cells and oils from these sebaceous glands.These treatments are quite expensive but are thought to improve the texture of the skin and also reduce the appearance of scars. Hence those who have occasional breakouts should not opt for these treatments. In most treatments the only side effect would be that the area which has been treated would appear red, dry and in some treatments, even swelling for some time. The long term effects of these therapies are still not known.

red light