Laxatives To Lose Weight

Instead of opting for exercises and strict diet, some people prefer trying laxatives to lose weight. They may find this method of weight loss very easy to follow without realizing how harmful it may be.If you are planning to take laxatives to lose weight then you must know how it works to make you lose weight.

It is believed that laxatives help you to lose weight and that to much faster and safer as compared to dieting and other popular weight loss programs. By and large, people suffering from constipation problems take the help of laxatives to overcome their trouble but those who are very much concerned about their figure, use laxative pills post meals to aid in weight loss.

Today, the market is flooded with the laxatives, which are easily available in the form of Dieter’s tea. The Dieter’s tea is a trendy weight loss product comprising of different herbal ingredients like cascara, senna, aloe, castor oil, etc. Though taking laxatives for weight loss seems safe and easy, have you ever thought whether it is really safe to be used for weight loss!

In modern world, most people can go to any extent to lose their weight and get a trim and slim figure. They may not at all care even if their weight loss actions sabotage their health. Before starting to use laxatives to lose weight, you must be aware of the harsh truth that these laxatives are toxic and are capable of damaging your health.

It is advisable to know how the laxatives work to reduce your weight. It basically works by increasing your bowel activity, targeting the large intestine where absorption of minerals and water take place. They accelerate the removal of the undigested foods from the small intestine out of your body. This usually results in diarrhea making you dehydrated. Dieter’s herbs consisting of different herbs cause irritation in the bowel leading to frequent passage of stool leading to diarrhea.

When you take laxatives, it causes loss of huge amounts of your body water, which may make you feel that you have lost weight as a result of taking laxatives. Most people hardly realize that their body will make up the lost water in just 2 days. So what’s the use of damaging your health for absolutely no good reasons!