Using 80-20 Principle For Weight Loss


Learn The 80-20 Principle For Weight LossWeight loss is something which even the slimmest woman on the Earth aspires for. Women are really crazy about fitness and those extra pounds they add whenever they enjoy a feast. But there are social obligations which they cannot avoid like a family get together, kids birthday party, wedding buffet.

All these occasions are unpredictable and uncalled for, but they do occur once in a while throughout the whole year. They are unavoidable too, so you have to enjoy the relishing and mouth watering dishes in these functions and let your regular course of dieting go off the track.

Enough of that guilty feeling and cursing yourself, for eating or binging on food on these happy occasions. There is a onetime solution which will take you out of this vicious circle where you tend to put on weight. This principle is called 80-20 principle of Weight Management.

Now you do not have to make fuss of eating out or in parties and then feeling blameworthy all through the day. With this 80-20 principle, just go on board your regular dieting routine and enjoy the parties and food too minus the guilt.

Know The 80-20 Principle For Weight Management

The main mantra which is followed while practising the 80-20 principle is that if you are sticking to your regular dieting routine 80 % of the time then you can let yourself loose for 20 % of the times. According to this principle you are at the liberty of ordering a glass of wine if you have cancelled the regular order of Cheese pizza or rather any other processed food.

You have cut down the calorie content of the evening party by ordering a grilled or roasted chicken then you have the opportunity to eat something of your choice without gaining weight and guilty conscience. Here the principle works on that nobody’s perfect that is achieving 100%goals is something expecting too much from you.

But if you go too much hay wire like if you go for a dessert with the meal then the balance will be disturbed and it might get to 70-30 principle which is fine. But going in for more diversion will bust the whole concept of dieting and your weight loss program will go for a toss.

This means the liberty should not be misused otherwise you will have to fall prey to the vicious circle of indulging, feeling guilty and then more of spoiling yourself. So why hamper your weight loss program, just stick to 80-20 principle and indulge in your favourite food without guilt.

Essentials To Make This Principle Work Better

Use Your Weakness As A Tool

Everyone has some or the other weakness for food, some like to splurge on desserts and chocolates, while others indulge in high calorific drinks like beer etc. So use this weakness to make the 80-20 principle work more effectively.

Learn The 80-20 Principle For Weight Loss

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Let yourself loose once in a while to eat these favourite foods but remember in the 20% range only. This means you are not allowed to over indulge in sweets or your weakness. If you will let yourself go for your particular favourite food item, it will really help in your weight loss program.

Make The Arrangements In Advance

Since all the parties and celebrations are usually pre-planned for the weekends, so it will be better that you resist yourself through the whole week. This will give you the pleasure of enjoying your favourite foods in the festivities without breaking the 80-20 principle.

This way you can enjoy the lovely food which has been coked by your mom and relish the dish she has cooked for you especially. But remember that the proportion has to be maintained. This should not be made a routine for every weekend, otherwise every week you will have to starve yourself, because of this over indulgence on the weekends.

Count Your Nutrition Too

Along with the calories the nutrition is also important, so while you are counting your calories do not miss the nutrition part. It is important that the calorie count should increase due to healthy and nutritious food; this means that your eating habits are perfectly alright and there is no need to worry.

Stop relying on fatty food calories which are tough to burn and slowly eating healthy will became a habit and you will not have to worry about the nutrition count. Eating correct food 80% of the times will become a routine practise which you will follow on your own without focussing on this principle. Just focus on counting the nutritional content of the healthy food you eat and the principle will automatically fall in place , rather it will become your lifestyle.

Follow The Principle With Total Dedication

As we already discussed nobody’s perfect so following it 100% right is something impossible to expect from you, but 80% is an achievable target. This can be done with the help of commitment and perseverance. SO never try to deviate from the principle initially.

The reason being if you will allow a nice deviation from the 80% mark you will never stick to it in near future. The main mantra here is to follow the principle with full steadfastness and do not allow yourself any digression from the regular track. This can be done by eating right all the time; this way even if you will digress a bit you will not let your weight loss program go haywire totally.

Do Not Panic If 80 Becomes 60

You know that you have been trying your level best to follow it diligently and even then the weight loss program falls off the track then, do not panic and start cursing yourself. Sometimes it might happen that the ratio might become 60-40, and then it is on our hands to bring it back on track.

Eating two cookies or chocolate ice cream might make the target reduced to 70-60% then instead of complaining, the better way is to gear up and start working towards achieving the 80% target by being realistic and following the rule truthfully.

You must be wondering that does this formula really work. Yes it does try and follow it for a month and have the pleasure of eating your favourite food while dieting and lose weight along with that. Once you lose weight do not forget to tell us that whether this 80-20 principle worked for you or not.