Leg And Thighs Exercises

Looking beautiful does not necessarily entail having a beautiful face. Good looks include having a perfectly-shaped body as well. We spend ample time to beautify our face and neck but we pay minimum attention to our thighs and legs which often become ill-shaped.

Leg And Thighs Exercises

Unshaped legs make us look shabby and grungy. In order to look sexy and smart, it is important to tone your thighs and legs and get rid of the excessive flesh dangling from these parts. These exercises are quite beneficial for toning your legs and highs and maintaining a stunning figure.

Squats are extremely effective in toning the legs by strengthening the thigh and calf muscles. To perform squats, stand on floor and widen your legs. Take the support of a chair or table to maintain your balance. Now stand on your toes and bend your torso slightly.Next bend your knees while lowering your body. When you will go down, your knees will come frontward and when your knees are at a right angle, hold this position for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat this exercise several times.


Another exercise for leg toning is to practice lunges. Stand on the floor with your feel widened. Put your hands on your hips. Now put your right foot forward and bend your knee. Bend it in a manner so that it is directly above your right ankle. Then step back to relax position. Repeat the same procedure with left leg and repeat it several times.Step-ups are another amazing exercise for toned calf and thighs. Use your regular stairs to perform this exercise. Stand on the step and put your hands on your hips. Extend your arms in front of you. Ease the left foot so that your toes and ball of the feet touch the floor. Raise your heel from the ground. Hold this position for few seconds and repeat with the next foot.


To build and tone leg muscles and strengthen the calves, practice leg extensions. This exercise is also beneficial for relieving knee pain. Sit down on a chair and keep your spine erect.Keep your feet on the floor. Now lift your legs upwards and make them parallel to the floor. Hold in this position for few seconds and then relax your legs and put them back on the floor. Repeat this exercise many times. After practicing for some days, tie some weight to your ankles to increase resistance.

excercixe for knee pain

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