Lose Belly Fat – Switch To Pilates For Toned Abs

How many of you feel that you’re fighting a losing battle against weight gain? Do you fail to see results from your present exercise regime?

This is normal because everybody does not have the same metabolism and fat burning may happen quicker for some people and longer for others.

The wrong type of exercise routine and an unhealthy diet are at the heart of the problem. While the rest of the body loses weight through regular exercise, stubborn belly fat may simply wink at these efforts and remain firmly in place.

Our bodies store excess glucose in the stomach region causing it to bloat. Unless a proper exercise regime is in place to tackle it, the risk of heart disease and diabetes rises with the increase of belly fat. You may think that you can get a firmer and toned stomach with high impact exercises but thankfully, Pilates workouts are an easier alternative.

Pilates Exercises

Pilates are strengthening exercises and focus on breathing and coordination of muscles. Begin your workout with 20 minutes of cardio exercises such as walking, dancing or aerobics. Once your body feels ready, pull your stomach in as if it were to touch your spine and let it remain that way during the entire Pilates workout.

To work the full abdomen, begin with the Hundred and move to chest lifts and roll ups, each for a count of ten. Follow up with toe dips, leg circles, shoulder bridge, corkscrew and finish up with criss cross moves and side swipes.

These exercises are certain to build endurance and strengthen your abdominal muscles. They are also an excellent way to support the back and strengthen the spine without straining it the way high impact workouts do.

If you follow this exercise routine, you can expect visible results even within 2-3 weeks.

Here’s a point to remember. Combating stomach fat is easily done only if the right kind of diet is in place. Say no to fried foods or those rich in refined sugar. Sodas and aerated drinks contain huge quantities of sugar so steer clear of them. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, lean meat, fruits and whole grain food. This type of diet plan along with a strengthening Pilates workout is the surest way to get toned and firm abs.