Lose Weight with Acai Berry!

A fruit found in Brazil, Acai Berry is currently being hailed as the new ‘super food’ which healthily facilitates weight loss. The Acai berry fruit has to be made use of within 24 hours of its harvest. If this is not done, it will lose most of its nutritious value. Because of this rider which nature has imposed on the fruit, the usage of Acai Berry is very limited outside the country of Brazil. Within the nation, it is used as a product in a variety of forms, but outside the country there are only a few forms available. These types, when consumed prove immensely beneficial for weight loss.

Acai Berry Supplements & Purees – With proper processing, Acai Berry supplements prove to be as good as a magic pill! If they are freeze dried expeditiously after their harvest, they will retain the desired amount of nutrients and antioxidants which make them extremely effective in helping to shed oodles of weight. For making purees, the berry seed is separated from the flesh. By using methods like ‘flash pasteurizing’ and ‘hot bottling’ to protect its nutritional content, the purees of brands Acai-Zone and Amazon Thunder help in enhancing the energy levels and reducing stress.

Acai Functional Fusions & Drinks – As the name suggests, this includes the fusion of a few vital functions of Acai berry. These are the anti-aging, weight loss and enhancement of energy functions. A dose of this, would perform triple functions altogether and leave no scope for grievances. With functions like boosting libido, increasing stamina and raising the level of mental alertness, Acai energy drinks too are the perfect solution for most of your health-related problems. All you need to do is grab a drink and revitalize yourself after having had a long day!

Acai Preserves & Frozen Smoothies – This is one way to get the purest form of Acai berry. Without being processed, Acai Berry with a minute amount of sweeteners which act as preservatives, is delivered in the market. This helps conserve the benefits of the berry in the most natural and convenient form. More so, frozen in their structure, the smoothies act as a perfect admixture of medication with sweeteners. Frozen smoothies are in fact a part of the ideal diet if you wish to embark upon a weight loss programme.

These Acai products are highly recommended for all individuals despite their medical histories and bodily mechanisms as they do not cause any sort of side effects. Being high in benefit and low in cost, Acai Berry has proven its value by delivering excellent results over a continuous period of time. No wonder you will find it in most houses today!