Losing Weight Quickly

When one has a realisation that he/she is fat, that moment onwards, the person pledges to lose weight as quickly as possible. However, it must be known to all that losing weight extremely quickly can be unhealthy for the human body, and can lead to some serious problems later on.

This is the reason why dieticians, gym trainers etc. all focus on making a person reduce weight at a set and regularized pace, which ensures that the person loses weight without losing fitness and damaging his/her health.

But then, do all the different methods of losing weight take a lot of time? Is there really no way in which one can see some results comparatively faster? Well, luckily, there is a good answer to both these questions, though following it requires careful planning and dedication.

Take this for an example – Three people have the same weight, and all of them want to reduce their weight. So they set targets, and the targets in this case are all same for them. So simply put, all these three people supposedly want to reduce 20 kgs.

Now the first person makes changes in his diet, and ensures that he is not eating any junk food or any consuming any other item which is loaded with calories. As a result of his efforts, he loses close to 8 kgs of weight in 2 months. The second person does not really make many changes to his diet, but starts to exercise regularly in the gym.

He keeps on increasing his level of workout as the days progress, and so he manages to lose close to 10 kgs of weight in 2 months. But the third person in the same 2 months has lost 15 kgs. Wondering how? This is because this person has mixed both the techniques.

He goes to the gym regularly, but at the same time has made changes to his diet as well. He also ensures that he drinks a lot of water, and walks as much as possible or keeps himself involved in different activities instead of lazing around.

However, in doing so, he has never gone beyond his body’s limit. Neither is he over exercising, nor is he starving himself. He is just following a balanced routine, which eventually gives him a good and healthy lifestyle.

So the moral of this small example basically is that the more efforts you make, the quicker you will lose weight. You need to avoid your temptations and be dedicated to your routine, though never overdo things or that might just backfire.