Low Carb Diets Hurt

Low Carb Diets Hurt

The fats as ‘Bad boys’ have yielded place to carbohydrates! Comfort food extraordinaire , body’s energy source or carbs as we know them are the new punching bags for weight watchers today. Low carb diets or diets that cut out carbohydrates like the Atkins Diet have been gaining ground among the slimming brigade.

Low Carb Diets Hurt

But health professionals are not so sure that we are going down the right path on our path to the body beautiful. Nutritionist warn that cutting down on the ‘bad’ carbs may be ok but banning all carbs, including the ‘healthy’ carbs can harm the body in untold ways.

Good Carbs Vs The Bad Carbs

‘Bad’ carbs are the highly processed carbohydrates like polished rice , white flours and simulina or sooji. They provide the body with nothing more than empty calories. The ‘good or healthy’ carbs are the carbs that contain more nutrients like minerals, vitamins and fibre. These include fruits, whole grains and vegetables.

Another way to discriminate between the two is something called the Glycemic index. Simply put, Glycemic index is the ability of food to raise blood sugar in the body. Usually Glycemic index is measured as reference to Glucose,as 100.

As a dieter all you have to remember is that Bad carbs are foods that have high glycemic index and Good carbs are foods that have low glycemic index. So ,refined carbs like white bread and rice have a high glycemic index and are bad carbs.

Good Carbs Vs The Bad Carbs

How Do Bad Carbs Cause Rapid Weight Gain

Bad carbs push up blood sugar levels, immediately after eating. The blood sugar rises so steeply that there is an insulin surge in the body . The hormone Insulin causes more deposition of fat in the body. And that’s not all, insulin encourages bingeing as it causes a rapid fall in blood levels.

In simple language this means that as soon as one eats the bad carbs, the body’s blood sugar levels rise leading to the release of insulin , which converts the sugar into energy and fats. The fat so produced is then stored in the body, leading to weight gain. And because the blood sugar falls so rapidly, the eater feels more hungry and so keeps on eating the bad carbs, leading to more weight gain.

Nutritionists have been crying hoarse about the dangers of low carb dieting. They warn that that this type of dieting is not recommended, especially over long periods because the main energy source of our bodies are the carbs in general and glucose in particular.

Cutting down on the energy source of the body can be dangerous as the body can’t handle the energy deprivation over a long period of time. The body subjected to low cab diets for long periods can cause it to go into ketosis, the metabloc consequence of low carb dieting. Ketosis happens when the body starts breaking down the proteins to get energy to carry on
living .

The consensus among the experts is that fad diets like low carb or low fat diets that cut off all carbs or fats is NOT the answer! What’s needed is a diet that controls carbohydrates , rather than eliminating them altogether and bidding goodbye to that sedentary lifestyle.

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