Low Glycemic Index Diets

Achieving that beautiful slim figure is everyone’s dream and for very few it actually becomes a reality. You really envy those slim beauties in movies and Television and you really would love to become like them. There are so many diets out there that you really wonder which one to choose and why. Will this work for me? Remember one thing, any diet will work for you only if you are disciplined enough to do it regularly and if you do adequate amount of exercise.

Low Glycemic Index Diets are the diets with a low Glycemic Index or GI. Glycemic Index is an index that indicates the rise in blood glucose levels on consumption of specific foods. Low Glycemic Index foods are desirable for diabetics as well as for weight loss. Popular GI diets are the South beach diet, NutriSystem, Sugar Solution, Glycemic load diet and the Glycemic Index diet. A GI diet plan is low in fat and high in low GI carbohydrates.

A typical GI diet may include oats with raisins, skimmed milk and a low GI fruit juice for breakfast, vegetable soup with low GI bread for lunch, lean beef and green salad for dinner. You can do a lot of permutations and combinations by checking low GI foods and including it in your diet.

It is important to understand that high GI foods get absorbed immediately into the blood stream and get converted to blood sugar whereas low GI foods take time to be absorbed and converted to blood sugar. One must also understand that foods with a high GI may not necessarily increase your blood sugar instantaneously.

Though carrot has a high glycemic index you may need to eat a lot of them to make any difference in your sugar levels. Hence comes the glycemic load concept which is the GI multiplied by the amount of carbohydrates and divided by 100. Hence the glycemic load of carrots may be less and so is not very harmful if eaten in small amounts. A GI diet is ideal for persons suffering from type 2 diabetes and for those who would like to lose weight. The advantages of a low GI diet are you feel strong and energetic, feel less hunger pangs, limit fat storage and no strict calorie reductions.

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