Maintain Proper Dental Hygiene For Healthy Teeth


White and Healthy teeth are not only meant for giving a nice smile but they indicate your total body health too. You will be surprised to know that teeth and dental hygiene is directly related to our health and health problems. The condition of our gums and teeth indicates towards physical fitness of our body.

Researchers suggest that you can analyse anyone’s health by just looking at his teeth. At the same time any problem related to teeth or gums indicates or points towards some problem with our body and fitness. Let us find out how teeth and gums indicate the physical fitness and various problems in our body.

Heart Problem Indicators

There are many bacteria which get lodged in the teeth and gums and cause various kinds of diseases. If these bacteria are not cleaned properly with the help of dental hygiene they can cause severe risk of Arthrosclerosis. This is a kind of heart diseases in which the flexibility of the arteries is lost and they become stiffer.

According to a report published in ‘American Heart Association Journal Circulation’ it has been found that people who do not maintain proper dental hygiene suffer from gum problems quite often. The reason behind this gum problem is that the bacteria which remain lodged between the teeth travel through gums into blood capillaries and start producing fatty plaque.

This leads to the blockage of the arteries and can cause the risk of stroke in the heart. Thus you can see how not maintaining dental hygiene can cause risk of stroke or artery blockage.

Digestive System Related Problems

The process of digestion starts with various chemicals which act on food we consume, right away from our mouth. When we eat something the mouth starts salivating which has digestive enzymes and the teeth do the job of chewing the food and breaking it into smaller particles.

This helps the intestines to digest the food easily. It has been found that people who do not chew their food properly face several digestive problems, because the intestines are not able to digest the food easily if it is not broken into smaller particles.

This leads to several problems related to digestive system. Thus strong teeth are needed for chewing the food we eat, so that the enzymes produced by saliva can act properly on the food.

Weakening of Memory Power

According to a report published by Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and psychiatry it has been found that people suffering from bleeding of gums or weak gums suffer from lack of memory.

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It has been found that people who suffer from pyorrhoea and their gums bleed quite often show weakening of cognitive skills and loss of memory performance. Ina study done on people above the age of 60 years it has been found that such people who suffer from gum diseases show lack of memory and the risk of loss of memory power is three times more than the people who have strong gums and teeth.

Lack of Self Confidence Due to Lack of Dental Hygiene

Smile is the best weapon one has been gifted by God. Smile is something which draws everyone’s attention towards you and people notice you if you have a sweet smile. It is even said that smile is infectious, so if you smile at someone in return you will definitely get a smile.

After knowing the importance of smile if we have bad denture and the teeth are not white and shiny we will hesitate in smiling. Thus we will develop lack of confidence in ourselves. In order to pass that sweet smile you need to have nice shiny teeth so that you can spread smile confidently around you.

Imbalance the Sugar Level in Blood

Lack of proper dental hygiene can also lead to imbalance in the level of sugar in our blood. That is why it is very important for diabetic people to take care of their teeth very well. Doctors suggest that people suffering from high blood pressure are at the risk of suffering from periodontal diseases. This can cause disparity in the blood sugar level and can cause problem to the diabetic patients.

Problem of Several Infections Due to Dental Hygiene

Weak teeth can cause various infections in our body. It has been found that there is a strong connection between gum diseases and arthritis too. Arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the body joints start swelling and cause severe pain in the joints.

Both the diseases are associated with bone health and if we have weak teeth then this means that the bones will also start weakening. That is why it has been found that in case of both gum diseases and arthritis cause severe damage to the connective tissues of our body.

Some Common Facts About Dental Hygiene

Healthy teeth are directly related to our health and teeth are supposed to be a gateway for the whole body. Many infections and diseases enter our body through our mouth only.

It has been found that if we have gum problems, the bacteria can enter the blood through these infected gums and then with the help of circulatory system they can spread in the whole body.

The real reason has not been spotted for these bacteria’s to become active , but it has been found that these bacteria enter our blood when we brush our teeth , chew the food or while flossing too.

These bacteria have same effect on the blood arteries as they have on our teeth and gums, like they start producing plaque in the arteries too and render them stiff and thus the arteries lose their flexibility.

Bleeding gums indicate lungs diseases too and it makes the immunity system of our body weaker. This leads to delayed healing of wounds in our body.
If a pregnant lady ahs bleeding gums then she should get herself checked with doctor as soon as possible.

That is why it becomes all the more important to maintain proper dental hygiene, not only for healthy teeth but to save our body from various other diseases associated with dental hygiene. Thus maintaining dental hygiene is a necessity for staying fit and smiling all the time.