Manage Your Cravings

Some people just cannot resist cravings for certain foods. If giving into your food cravings really helps you get on with your life, then there is a way to incorporate such foods in your diet. The trick is correct timing, potion control and healthy snacking. Most of us have cravings for calorie dense foods like cheese, chocolates, sweets, salty chips etc. Now these are quite harmful for your weight loss plans. But you can include them in your diet if you keep in mind a few rules about these foods.

All these foods are very calorie dense and therefore are very harmful when eaten with other calorie rich foods or when eaten in large quantities. Also, if you eat them on a full stomach, for instance after a meal, they will get converted in fatty tissue and stored in your body. However you can include them in your diet, if you time yourself and eat these foods in small quantities.

Plan your meals carefully to allow for such treats in between your main meals. So, ideally, you should not eat anything two hours before or after such calorie rich treats. If you have such calorie rich foods when you are too hungry, you are very likely to overeat. In addition, eat only small quantities, which will add only about 100 calories at a time. So, try to have such 100 calorie meals between breakfast and lunch, or in between lunch and supper. At these times you have eaten a full meal sometime ago and won’t end up gobbling down too much of these calorie dense foods.

Instead of snacking on these calorie rich foods, you can also look for their healthier alternatives. Inculcate the habit to binge on these healthy snacks when you feel a craving attack. If you have a sweet tooth, try fruit yogurt instead of chocolate.  The best way is to look for foods that taste similar but contain fiber. This satisfies your taste buds simultaneously tackling your hunger problem. So add a spoonful of chocolate syrup or melted chocolate to a bowl of healthy wholegrain cereal. Try a fruit smoothie made from skim milk. For that matter, any milkshake with a low calorie sweetener would do the trick. Instead of salty potato chips, eat a whole wheat toast, salad, popcorn, lean meat sandwich, lentils, steamed vegetables, etc. Sip herbal tea, which burns fat and gives a boost to your metabolism.