Managing Your First Pregnancy


Becoming a mother is the best part of being a woman, and every woman looks forward to this experience with all her happiness and excitement. When a woman gets to know that she is pregnant, she can’t wait to hold her angelic baby in her hands, and silently takes an oath to take care of her baby as much as possible; and give the most of her love and attention to this delightful person coming in her life, who matters probably the most to her in the world.

However, if it is your first pregnancy, then there are sudden changes that can happen and upset you. All women, especially if they are working, are used to a certain lifestyle pattern that they have been following over the years. You are used to being active and fresh at all times, so that you can work at your office, come back home and do your daily household jobs as well.

Managing Your First Pregnancy But with pregnancy, all these simple tasks too seem to look like a challenge because of increasing morning sickness, nausea and fatigue.Some women often mistake these common symptoms as signs of catching fever or any other diseases, and tend to indulge in self-medication. However, as a responsible mother, you must know that this is the worst thing that you can do to your baby in your womb. During the course of your pregnancy, you must never take medication on your own, and should learn to identify your symptoms of pregnancy and differentiate them from other symptoms. You need to understand that these symptoms are a result of the hormonal changes that happen in your body due to your pregnancy.

Therefore, you must consult a specialist and find out the kind of diet that you need to follow. Additionally, if you are already suffering from some kind of disease, then it is essential to find out if your medicines are harmful for your pregnancy or not. Ensure that you get enough rest, and avoid indulging in work and other activities when they are not very important.

avoid workYou need to understand that when you are pregnant, you are in charge of two lives, and both these lives are dependent on each other. So you can’t do anything wrong, or else it affects both the lives. Whether it be food, bodily problems, diseases, exercises, uncomfortable feelings, or just about any issue that you are facing, always take professional help for it to avoid further complications.

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