Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Massages during pregnancy provide many benefits for the expectant mother. It not only improves her physical state of well being but escalates her emotional health too.

A massage helps a pregnant lady to get in touch with her body and also helps in warding off the unwanted thoughts and anxieties regarding pregnancy.

The massages done can vary from a full body massage to massaging of specific body parts. A massage session usually lasts for a maximum of 90 minutes. Even though the mother can adopt different positions depending on her comfort, lying sideways is recommended after 5 months of pregnancy .

You can use plenty of pillows all around your stomach and also under upper legs for comfort. As long as it is done by a trained professional, the risk of a miscarriage by massage therapy can be completely ruled out.

Massaging of the head and face helps a lot in warding off the unwanted headaches occurring during the time of pregnancy. A massage of the shoulders and back will help in relieving you of tension and fatigue and will help in providing you with a good night’s sleep. Backaches and sciatic nerve complaints can be easily taken care of by proper massage sessions.

The incidence of many pregnancy and birth complications can be reduced greatly by massage therapy. Regular massaging leads to an increase in blood circulation thereby reducing the swelling of feet and ankles. Toning of muscles is done and their flexibility is also improved. Massaging is good for the skin as it improves the skins elasticity and reduces stretch marks formation.

The cardiovascular health of the mother is also improved in the process of massaging. Many precautions are also to be taken while undergoing a massage. Vigorous massaging should not be done, especially in the thigh and abdominal areas. Pressure should not be applied around and across the ankles as these points are directly related to the ovaries and womb.

Do not opt for massages if you have conditions like varicose veins, spider veins and inflammation of body parts. Also pregnant women suffering from preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and any sort of malignant condition should not opt for massage therapy. It is always good to seek the advice of your physician before starting off with massage therapy sessions.

Thus by undergoing prenatal massage sessions, you can make your pregnancy period a healthy and enjoyable one.