Meaning Of Health Related Fitness


You might have come across words like health related fitness, physical fitness or total fitness. Health related fitness has been interpreted in a number of ways.

Along with your health concerns there are a number of factors which are taken into account to determine your fitness. You must try to ensure your total fitness also is responsible for your health related fitness.


What do you mean by Health Related Fitness?

Health related fitness has also been known as physical fitness or total fitness. However these terms all mean the same thing, individually they refer to various aspects, generic and specific.

The meaning of these terms is usually left for individual interpretation. But to make things less confusing, it would be better to understand what exactly they mean. Health related fitness does not only refer to good life fitness.

How the word Health related fitness did come about?

You must be wondering what is so different about the term “Health related fitness”. Even though there is not much of a difference from the other words.

It was in a 1996 report from US Surgeon General that the word “Health Related Physical Fitness” came up. The term was used to address the common state of health among the people.

Definition of Health Related Fitness

There is no reliable guide to measure total fitness nor is there a definite way to define health related fitness. However the concept of Health Related Fitness centers around 5 important components of total fitness which also relates to good life fitness.

The components include body composition, cardio respiratory fitness, muscular strength, flexibility and muscular endurance.

Even though health related fitness is integrally associated with total fitness and good life fitness, the 5 components are mostly addressed individually to allow for their measurement.

The purpose of Health related fitness

The 5 components set a standard for regular application of good life fitness. This in no way should lead to a mistake of confusing health related physical fitness with overall physical fitness.

Distinction between Health related fitness and Physical Fitness

Health related fitness and physical fitness can be improved by regular physical exercise. However, health related fitness can be assessed but total fitness cannot.

Comparative norms can help measure health related physical fitness. With ACSM guidelines good life fitness of a client can be assessed and measured according to their response to the exercise programs.