Medication Tips During Pregnancy

With a number of chemists around us and with the easy accessibility to all kinds of medicines, most of us have become our own doctors.

We think that we know what medicine works for us, and anytime we feel unwell, we just go to the chemist, ask for the medicine we think will work on us and then consume it.

In most cases, some basic medicines like Aspirin work pretty well for headaches. However, in other cases, medicines taken without supervision and medical prescriptions can cause serious damages to one’s health.

And in case of a woman being pregnant, this is even more dangerous as it affects not just the health of the mother, but also the health of the unborn child.

So under pregnancy, it is very important for the expectant mother to not be careless. The mother under no circumstances should go in for self medication of any kind, because that can unknowingly cause damage to the baby.

In case of any kind of sickness or diseases, such as development of cold, cough or fever, it is important for the expectant mother to consult a doctor, who will do a diagnosis to find out if the infection is affecting the baby or not.

Based on that, and depending on what month of the pregnancy is on, the doctor will then prescribe some medicines which are safe to consume during pregnancy.

A lot of pregnant women need iron and calcium supplementary tablets during the course of their pregnancy. However, these too need to be prescribed by the doctor.

There are certain medical organisation of the world that have international standards and grades set for medicines which are safe to consume during pregnancy and which ones or not. It is very important to make a note of these.

Side effects of any medication that you are already under, or any cases of emergency too should not be handled on your own. Just when you think that consuming a medicine in an emergency will ease out the discomfort, it can cause harm to your baby. So every woman who is pregnant must make sure that her baby’s health secure, but not taking medicines without consultation.