Medicinal Uses Of Beet Juice

For several centuries, beetroot juice has been used for healing several illnesses.

The bright purple or red colored vegetable juice, which was earlier considered a folk medicine, is currently prescribed by physicians to treat hypertension and to boost stamina.

Beet juice improves stamina

According to several studies, beetroot juice could be taken to boost stamina. By including beet juice in your daily diet, you can exercise longer. According to a University of Exeter study, beetroot juice could improve the duration of workouts.

People who drink 500ml of organic beet juice daily could exercise 16 per cent longer. The vegetable juice could be a safe alternative to commercial energy drinks. It is especially recommended for athletes and long distance runners. Beet juice is also recommended for elderly people who often suffer from fatigue and exhaustion.

This vegetable juice could be included in the diet of people suffering from chronic fatigue. People striving to lose weight could include a glass of beetroot juice in their daily diet to melt the excess fat reserve by exercising for a longer period.

Beetroot juice is also beneficial for people with respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders who often experience fatigue and exhaustion. It could reduce the oxygen or energy requirement of muscles, which could not be achieved even with endurance training.

Scientists speculate that nitric oxide produced during metabolism of nitrates, present in beetroot juice, reduces the oxygen requirement of muscles during workouts.

Beet juice lowers blood pressure

People with hypertension often take nitrate tablets to normalize their pressure level. According to health experts, beetroot juice could easily replace the nitrate-based blood pressure medications.

According to a study, published in the journal Hypertension, beetroot juice is as effective as nitrate tablets. Only 250 ml of beetroot juice is usually enough for reducing blood pressure level within 24 hours.

The nitrate rich vegetable juice boosts the nitric oxide level in the blood. Nitric oxide aids dilation of the blood vessels, which brings down the blood pressure level naturally.

Side effects of beet juice

Despite its benefits, beetroot juice might not be safe for people with a history of kidney stones. Arthritis patients should consult their physician before including beet juice in their daily diet.

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