Mediterranean Diet for a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

Fad diets have drastically gained popularity over the past few years. There is much hype of a variety of low-fat diets, high-protein diets, soup-based diets and over-the-counter diet pills. These diets are designed to loose those extra pounds quickly. But the disadvantage of many of these diet plans is that they deprive you of eating entire food groups.

They compromise on your nutritional health and may lead to the gaining back of weight that you struggled to lose. The Mediterranean diet is a new eating plan that not only helps you to shed the extra pounds, but also promotes a healthy heart and a healthy lifestyle.

Though the Mediterranean diet has gained popularity in the media only currently, it has been a part of people’s lives for hundreds of years. It is based on the lifestyles and cuisines of Italy, Spain and Greece. The diet focuses on many natural foods and ingredients that are found along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

The chief components of the Mediterranean diet are olive oil, fish, shellfish, lean poultry, yogurt, wine, nuts, legumes, whole unprocessed grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Although this diet does not reduce total fat consumption, but it focuses on eating ‘healthy fats,’ including monounsaturated fats of olive and polyunsaturated fats of nuts and canola oil. The Mediterranean diet decreases your risk of heart disease and stroke as it eliminates trans fats from your diet.

The Mediterranean Diet is unlike other popular diets available today that are designed to reduce your weight quickly. The diet is a kind of a complete lifestyle change. It focuses on not only to lose weight temporary, but also promotes total body health for the rest of your life. The Mediterranean Diet is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which decrease the possibility of a heart attack or stroke and also prevent Alzheimer’s disease and certain types of cancers.

The ingredients of the Mediterranean diet include various types of fish, such as cod, sole, tuna and trouper. Shellfish like clams and shrimp are the other prominent components of this diet. Fortunately, these types of seafood are abundant in Omega-D fatty acids and protein that makes them fit for a good nutritious diet.

So, the next time you prepare yourself to lose weight, just try the Mediterranean Diet for a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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