Muscle Building Program- Blend Of Muscle Gaining Workouts & Protein Rich Diet

Tips To Build Muscles

While many people try various tips to lose weight, there are many others who wish to gain weight to get rid of their skinny looks. In the contemporary era, men are equally conscious about their body and fitness as women are for their beauty and figure. This is the reason why gyms have become a common sight these days. These days many people do hard muscle gaining workouts so as to get the enviable physique.

Tips To Build Muscles

And if you are among those who have gone through plethora of sections on how to build muscles in health magazines or have tried various muscle gaining workouts but could not achieve the desired results, then this article will be of great benefit for you.

To start with, the best way to get muscles is to complement regular muscle building exercises with right muscle gaining diet. It is so because while workouts stimulate to build muscle tissues, proteins and other nutrients make blocks to achieve those muscle tissues. Thus, it is very important for you to eat a proper diet so as to get a muscular body.

Muscle Gaining Diet Tips

A muscle gaining diet comprises of food rich in proteins and low in fats. Furthermore, it is advised to follow the concept of eating six protein-based meals instead of three meals a day. Such a dietary pattern provides ongoing energy required for efficient muscle growth. Last but not the least you should consume essential amino acids in adequate quantity.

Amino acids are actually the building blocks of proteins and also muscle tissues. There are two types of amino acids, viz essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. In case of lack of essential acids, the body breaks down its tissues to get them. Thus, for the gaining muscles, it becomes necessary to have a diet rich in amino acids. Let’s have look at the food items that form good muscle gaining diet.

Eat food rich in proteins


Soybeans are widely recognized for their muscle building and weight loss advantages. They are a great source of proteins and contain no cholesterol. Besides, soybeans are low in fat too. Moreover, they can be prepared in a variety of styles to suit different tastes. To name a few, soya kebabs and tofu are among the renowned soya dishes.

Eat soya beans

Egg Whites

As we all know, eggs are a good source of proteins. However, the proteins in eggs reside in the white portion only. So, if you want to supplement proteins through eggs, it is recommended to consume the whites. Even the processed egg whites available in stores are a good source of protein.

Eat white eggs

Lean Meat

It is a great source of proteins and helps to build more muscles. It has always been recommended by bodybuilding experts to consume lean meat as a staple. No doubt, non-vegetarian food is rich in protein, but steaks, poultry and fish are preferred over other muscle building foods derived from animal sources, for the reason that they belong to a family of low-fat muscle gaining diet.

Lean meat

Whey Protein

It is a liquid material easily available in grocery shops. This by-product of cheese production is a good source of protein and can be mixed with shakes and soups. Moreover, it is easy to digest.

Whey Protein

Muscle Gaining Workouts

The best way to get muscles through exercises is to do full body workouts. It is noteworthy that a balanced body looks better in all aspects. Hence, you are recommended to focus on whole body rather than concentrating just on your biceps and chests so as to get the best results.

There are a number of ways to do all-body exercises in order to train your whole body. A beginner should start with less number of exercises and lighter weights and increase them steadily as per individual’s capacity. It won’t be easy to do all exercises in a day in the beginning; hence you can divide the exercises in two sets and practice them alternately.

For instance, you can practice the exercises for chest, thighs, biceps and calves on every Monday and Thursday and practice the exercises for back, shoulders, abs and biceps on Tuesday and Friday or vice-versa.

Besides all, you need to sleep well so as to give rest to your body and prepare it to do exercises next day. However, alcohol and caffeine should be avoided for deeper sleep. Also, you should set achievable goals so as to avoid over training of muscles which will make you feel exhausted and de-motivate you to exercise the next day.

Furthermore, restrict cardio exercises to 90 minutes or less, as they lead to a lean physique, rather than bulky muscles. Moreover, while dong weight-lifting exercises, always choose a weight as per your capacity so that you do at least 8 reps per set.

Do Cardio workouts

Exercises Recommended For Muscle Gain At Home


It is a great exercise for enhancing back muscles. Hang yourself on a pull-up bar with your arms straight and then pull yourself upwards till your chin passes the pull-bar.

Do pull ups


Push-ups are done for escalation of muscles of shoulders and chest so as to make them tough and broader. These are done by lying with your face down with stretched arms holding your body weight and straightening the lower body.

Do push ups


They are good for muscles of higher abdomen. Lie down straight on ground and bend your knees. Now fold your arms on your chest and pull the upper part of your body towards your knees, and then lie on back.

Moreover, if you find any problem while doing bodybuilding workouts on your own, you are suggested to seek the advice of professionals initially and then continue practicing at home. This way you would learn muscle building exercises in proper way and keep a check whether you are doing them in a right manner.

Now, you know that the best way to get muscles is taking protein-rich diet and practicing muscle gaining exercises. You may face some difficulties in adapting to the new lifestyle, but your strong determination will definitely result in strong muscles.

It has been found that it takes 21 days for converting a regular action into a habit. Thus, it is just a matter of 21 days, as after that you will be used to doing bodybuilding exercises and taking protein rich diet.