Muscle Pain-Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Muscle pain is the pain that occurs due to inflammation of the soft tissues in the body. It could cover a single muscle or a muscle group and is a chronic condition. What makes this pain more serious and severe is the fact that the location of actual pain may or may not be the place where it actually originates.

Following are some details regarding the causes, symptoms and treatment of such pain in the body.

Causes of muscle pain

Injury or excessive strain on any muscle or muscle group, ligament or tendon leads to muscle pain. Whilst these are the broad causes, there are other specific reasons that lead to such pain. Injury to the intervertebral disc is one of the common reasons for such pain.

Secondly, when certain motions are repeated constantly, it could lead to fatigue and ultimately pain in the muscles. Often it is seen that inactivity caused by certain injury or other reasons also lead to pain in the muscles. Similarly, medical conditions like heart attack, irritation in the stomach etc also cause pain in the muscles.

Symptoms of Muscle Pain

Symptoms of muscle pain usually include a severe pain in the different muscle groups that are affected. This is usually accompanied by pain or discomfort in the trigger areas, which are the root cause of this pain.

It is pertinent to note that when such pain occurs, the area should remain stress free, as stress adds to the pain. Moreover, people suffering from pain in the muscles often experience fatigue and depression. Also, in some cases it could be followed by behavioral disturbances, especially in the worst cases of pain.

Treatment for Muscle Pain

There are several ways to treat muscle pain, including physical therapy, massage therapy, stretch and spray therapy and trigger point injection. Physical therapy involves certain basic exercises, which are known to relieve the pain and is useful in mild cases.

Stretch and spray involves spraying of coolant on the muscle as well as the point of trigger and then stretching it. Alternatively, you could massage the area, which is known to relieve the pain. Finally, in severe cases you could opt for inserting a needle into the trigger point and making it inactive, which reduces the pain.

When suffering from muscle pain, the key is not to overstress the muscle and to get medical aid as soon as possible.