3 Tips For Muscle Soreness Treatment


Exercise can give you different results. These results may depend on the intensity at which you perform these exercises. Different people do different exercises with different motives.

Muscle Soreness

Some may exercise for the sake of losing their extra fats whereas some other people may simply do exercises to train and strengthen their weak muscles.The intensity at which exercise is performed produces different outcome along with some problems such as muscle soreness, muscle pain, muscular sprain, etc. Muscle soreness typically occurs a day or 2 after exercise. This is basically due to the injury caused to the muscle fibers.

When the muscle fibers get injured, some accumulated chemicals in the body are released, which increase the intensity of the pain. Due to this reason, the soreness may even get worse generally one to three days post exercise. This is commonly termed as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).You may experience muscle soreness due to two more reasons like when you start a new exercise regimen or when you attempt some new exercises. If you get soreness due to these reasons then you should not worry at all. This kind of soreness is absolutely normal.

new excercises

If you have developed muscle soreness and want to get relief then first and foremost you should take a small break from your exercise routine and provide complete rest to your muscles, especially the ones that have been affected the most. Muscle soreness is a very common problem for the sportspersons. Most experts suggest four crucial steps to treat muscle soreness and recover from it. The common name for these 4 steps is RICE, which denotes rest, ice, compression and elevating. RICE method is very effective in treating the soreness.

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You must rest and take adequate sleep so as to recover from soreness. Healing chemicals are released in the body during sleep and rest, which help your muscles to recover from soreness. If you have developed swelling then regular application of ice for the next 24 hours can reduce swelling.Another common treatment followed for muscle soreness is to compress or tie a cloth or crepe bandage firmly around the affected part. Leave this bandage for a few days to get relief from muscle soreness. If the affected body part is kept elevated, it will increase the blood flow and aid in minimization of swelling and pain. OTC drugs can also give you relief from the muscle soreness.