Natural Remedies For Depression

Depression is an emotional disorder. It is a kind of illness that affects body, mind and thoughts of people of all ages, irrespective of their gender. Some of the  symptoms of depression are, irritability, negative thoughts, loss of memory, lack of interest, aggression, loss of appetite, insomnia, addiction of drugs, suicidal attempts and many more.

The causes behind the depression are stress and trauma, environmental factors, biochemical and hormonal changes, bitter experiences in life, deficiency of Vitamin B and sometimes other physiological disorders.The type of depression varies depending upon its severity and symptoms.  One of the common types of depression is ‘Bipolar disorder’ which is also known as ‘Maniac depressive illnesses.

It imposes frequent mood swings leading to high depression. ‘Major depression’ mostly occurs once in a life time and it affects routine life of an individual. The least severe type of depression is ‘Dysthymia’ and it shows chronic symptoms. It generally interferes with the normal behaviour of affected individual.

Depression can be cured taking medical assistance. On most of the occasions people hesitate to seek professional help while dealing with their personal issues. There are some effective home remedies for depression as well. Some of them are described as follows. Fresh rose petals and sugar added in a cup of boiling water.

It can be consumed whenever feeling depressed. Apple with milk and honey is good for mood uplifting.Tea prepared by adding cardamom and sugar or tulsi and sage in boiling water. It has to be taken at least twice a day. This is very useful remedy.Liquorice tea is another effective depression treatment.Cashew nut is a rich source of vitamin B and riboflavin which stimulates the appetite and nervous system.

Almonds are also very good for brain functioning.Orange juice is also good for rejuvenating mood.Asparagus root is a very valuable remedy in treatment of depression. It is nutritious and is good tonic for brain and nerves. There are many herbs used as preventing measures for depression, such as Lemon balm, Rosemary, Morpheme momocare (combination of Brahmi, Ashwagandha and other Ayurvedic medicines).

Apart from these remedies, regular practice of Yoga or other forms of exercise is also very beneficial. Exercise really helps in keeping mind and body healthy and fit. A well balanced diet including fruits, milk, vegetables and other nutritious food is advisable. Above all, meditation and relaxation keep a control over nervous system in order to stay away from depression.

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