Natural Ways To Deal With Pregnancy Morning Sickness


Morning sickness is a pregnancy related issue which almost all the women face during their pregnancy phase. In case of morning sickness, a woman feels dizzy not only in the morning as the name implies, but throughout the day.

Pregnancy Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, which is also known as nausea occurs due to hormonal change that occur in a woman after conception. Normally, the advent of nausea is seen in the first three months of the pregnancy period. However, in a few women, the problem may occur throughout the nine month period. Below you would find useful information with respect to morning sickness symptoms, its causes and its remedies.

Morning Sickness Symptoms

The physical health of each and every woman differs from one another. So, the symptoms of nausea might also differ accordingly. Vomiting is one of key symptoms, where the frequency of vomiting sensation may differ. A few women may face vomiting sensation all over the day, while a few may face only in the morning.

Digestive disorder is one of the main symptoms of nausea during pregnancy. A pregnant woman may often face problem of upset stomach, which may signify nausea problem. Constipation is the major concern area here. Most of the women also face the problem of backache during pregnancy which is a severe issue.

Excessive salivation and feeling sleepy most of the time also constitute nausea symptoms. Some women may be allergic to certain smells, subsequently inducing vomiting sensation. Swollen breasts, abdominal cramps, stress, and headache are a few other problems faced during pregnancy phase.

Morning Sickness Symptoms

Morning Sickness Causes

Before proceeding to discuss about morning sickness remedies, let us first discuss about a few factors causing morning sickness. During pregnancy phase, there is a drain of energy by the placenta, which may result in reduced level of blood sugar, subsequently resulting in nausea.

Nausea during pregnancy can occur due to an increased level of circulation of estrogen hormone, which is expected to increase by around hundred times after conception.There is a rise in stomach acids during pregnancy which induces the feeling of nausea.

A rise in liver enzymes results in raised bilirubin levels, hence resulting in feelings of vomiting and dizziness. During the pregnancy period, women are highly sensitive to odors, which trigger nausea.

Morning Sickness Causes

Morning Sickness Remedies

There are a number of natural remedies and medicines to deal with the problem of morning sickness during pregnancy. However, before going in for pills and tablets, it is suggested to follow the tips given here as these tips offer natural treatment options with regard to nausea problem. An extremely effective treatment for treating nausea instantly is to inhale the smell of lemons, which are cut freshly.Pregnant ladies often have a craving for certain foods. They should not neglect thee cravings and accommodate them in their diet plan. However, if the craving is for fast foods or junk food, it is suggested to remain in limits.

Excessive consumption of such foods may be unhealthy for both the mother and the baby.It is recommended to always keep the stomach full, so as to avoid pregnancy nausea.  You should eat many times during the day, so that your stomach never remains empty. Empty stomach is a major cause of nausea. With the help of consuming small portions of meals frequently throughout the entire day, the risk of being affected by nausea would be prevented to a massive extent.Juicy vegetables and fruits are essentially recommended to deal with the issue of morning sickness.

Also, the development of the baby would be carried out in a healthy manner, if the baby gets all the vital minerals from juicy and healthy foods such as watermelon, tomatoes, lettuce, grapefruit, grapes, spinach, cantaloupe and strawberries. Apart from all these food items, eating cabbage during pregnancy phase is also advised to reduce the feeling of nausea during pregnancy.Pregnant women should make it certain to keep crackers in their purse all the time and eat them when they feel like vomiting. A few women benefit tremendously by eating crackers before getting up from bed in morning.


Consumption of ample liquids would be of great assistance. Water should be the most preferred drink of the day, which should be drunk in ample amount every day. Intake of abundant water daily would maintain the hydration level and would guard against nausea attack. Also, consuming a glass of water half an hour after having food would be immense support in averting nausea.Pregnant women would obtain huge respite from vomiting sensation if they consume ginger tea sip by sip. Ginger capsules and ginger candies are also advised during pregnancy to provide relief from nausea. A few women have been successful in preventing and treating nausea by sucking lollipops or ice cubes prepared from fruit juice.It is advised to remain away from odors, if you are allergic. A few women have extensive allergy from certain smells. So, contact with such smells should be avoided.Further, going out in fresh air in morning and evening would be of considerable support with respect to keeping nausea at bay. A daily walk of half an hour in the morning would be of large assistance, where the digestion process would be improved and nausea sensation would be prevented by breathing in fresh air.If the above natural remedies do not provide respite from morning sickness, then it is recommended to take vitamin B6 supplement along with antihistamine doxylamine.

The information, tips and suggestions given above with respect to morning sickness symptoms, causes and remedies would be of tremendous support in enabling a pregnant woman to live her pregnancy phase in a healthy and comfortable manner.Almost all the remedies suggested above are quite effective and do not have any side effect, and hence are considered to be safer alternatives as compared to pills and drugs with regard to morning sickness treatment. So, before going to the doctor and seeking advice to cure nausea, implement a few remedies given above. You would certainly find great level of respite and would feel healthy and energetic.