Natural Ways To Prevent Pre Eclampsia


Pre-eclampsia occurs during pregnancy and is said to be a medical condition that induces hypertension or high blood pressure along with large amounts of protein in the urine.  This is also associated with swelling in the hands, feet and legs.  The diagnosis of this condition is based on certain symptoms that include development of high blood pressure (140/90 or more) and the presence of about 300 mg protein in a 24 hour urine sample.

Almost 10% of pregnancies are affected with pre-eclampsia occurring mainly in the second and the third trimester and after the thirty second week.  Pre-eclampsia is commonly found in women who are already suffering from hypertension, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and women with family history of pre-eclampsia, obese women and women with multiple gestations.

Ways To Prevent Pre EclampsiaNot much is known about the exact cause of pre-eclampsia.  In some cases the cause of pre-eclampsia is related to the shallow placement of placenta that does not receive oxygen, which in turn leads to an immune reaction that causes the placenta to secrete inflammatory mediators which acts upon the vascular endothelium.  The other possible causes are said to be poor nutrition, high amount of body fat and insufficient blood flow to the uterus.

Pre-eclampsia when left untreated is followed by eclampsia, and it s considered to be the final and severe stage of pre-eclampsia.  Apart from displaying the same symptoms, an eclampsia patient also gets seizures which can lead to coma and even death of both the mother and the child, anytime — before, during or after childbirth.The only treatment available for pre-eclampsia and eclampsia is immediate delivery or abortion of the baby.  The delivery can be done either by induction of labor or Caesarian section.  The symptoms of mild pre-eclampsia can be easily managed by keeping the patient under continuous and careful observation either at home or in the hospital and also by putting a limit to activities.

The conditions arising due to the baby being pre term is easily manageable by taking certain precautionary measures prescribed by the doctor.  These precautionary measures include bed rest, hospitalization or medication to increase the term of pregnancy and as a result increase the unborn child’s chances of survival.  However, as has been mentioned above, in severe pre-eclampsia, immediate delivery of the baby is required, regardless of the baby’s age.Other treatments for pre-eclampsia include, Injecting magnesium in the veins to avoid seizures, a symptom associated with eclampsia. Antihypertensive drugs like Hydralazine to control rise in blood pressure. Checking fluid intake.

These medications can be useful for lowering the blood pressure, but at the same time they could prove to be extremely dangerous for the unborn fetus, which cannot be acceptable.  Therefore under these circumstances it is necessary to opt for natural ways to prevent the rise of blood pressure during pregnancy.  These natural methods not only yield results in terms of lowering the blood pressure, but also do nothing to endanger the life of the fetus.So let’s discuss about the natural methods that can work to lower the blood pressure in pregnant women.

Less Salt Intake

You can begin by cutting short your salt intake by controlling the consumption of processed food, fast foods and salty snacks.  A diet that is high in salt can increase the blood pressure.

Less salt intake

Managing Stress

The rise of blood pressure is mainly associated with stress that gradually builds up in different parts of our body.  A regular massage and reflexology therapy will help you to de stress and release your tension.  The built up areas of stress in your body can be relaxed by massage therapy.  If you are pregnant, you can savor the benefits of maternity reflexology which is basically designed for expectant mothers.

Stress is no doubt a part and parcel of our modern day lifestyle which we need to accept and carry on.  However when stress goes out of hand — it becomes the main reason for the rise of several harmful diseases like high blood pressure. A pregnant woman may go through a lot of anxiety pertaining to the changes in her body, constant thoughts of labor and delivery and also fears of inadequacy once the baby is born.

This gives rise to stress which is one of the main reasons for high blood pressure during pregnancy that can be dangerous for both the mother and the child.  Therefore managing stress is a very good alternative teatment for high blood pressure.  Regular meditation will help to control your mind which will eventually reduce the effects of the issues relating to stress.  Practice breathing exercises – breath in and out slowly, inhaling for a count of 3 and exhaling for a count of 4.  Music can be instrumental in bringing about a soothing effect on our minds.  So make it a habit to listen to good music to help relax your mind.

Managing stress

Regular Exercise And A Well Balanced Diet

Gaining weight during pregnancy is quite normal, but you need to take care not to become overweight.  As is well known, obesity inevitably gives rise to high blood pressure.  Therefore it is important to keep a tab on your weight during pregnancy because the weight gain range should not affect your overall health.  A well balanced and nutritious diet and regular exercise can play a major role in maintaining healthy weight during pregnancy.

A potassium rich diet can go a long way in controlling the blood pressure.  Consume fruits and vegetables that are high in potassium like oranges, bananas, potatoes, water melon, zucchini and cantaloupe.  Eating food in small quantities by including healthy snacks in between is a good way to enhance your metabolism while it works to provide the necessary nutrients required for the development of the baby.  Practicing mild to moderate exercise like walking or swimming can keep the blood pressure under control.  Exercise also helps to keep you active by maintaining muscle tone and flexibility during pregnancy.

Regular exercise and a well balanced diet

Abstinence From Tobacco, Caffeine And Alcohol

Women must abstain from smoking, drinking caffeine or alcohol totally during pregnancy as all of them contribute to the rise in blood pressure.  They not only prove to be harmful for women but also adversely affect the overall development of the unborn fetus.

Becoming a mother is the most fulfilling moment in a woman’s life.  During pregnancy a woman undergoes a number of worries and anticipation, especially about the health, color and sex of the baby.  Amongst all of them her first priority is to have a healthy baby.  That is why a pregnant woman should never forget to take care of herself first, because that is the only way to ensure good health of her baby.

High blood pressure or pre-eclampsia during pregnancy is no doubt dangerous but at the same time it is avoidable if certain guidelines are followed religiously.  In this aspect, the above mentioned natural methods can work wonders for all pregnant woman.

Abstinence from tobacco, caffeine and alcohol