Night Time Snacking

Some of us have a specific time of the day when we snack. For example, for quite a lot of us it is during the night. This is usually because of boredom or stress. This can really hurt your metabolism, as your body requires the least amount of calories when it is going to rest during the night. In addition, this habit kills your hunger for your morning breakfast also. This only sets off more cravings during the daytime. Moreover, eating during the night is also likely to disturb your sleep. This is a vicious cycle and if you cannot ward it off then it will eventually become a habit that you cannot change.

Sometimes, you can actually be hungry when you feel like a night time snack. Firstly, you will need to figure out if you are actually hungry. So, stop thinking about food for some time and engage your mind with some other activity for awhile. Sometimes your brain signal for thirst and food get mixed up. So, you could also be thirsty. Hence, drink a glass of water.

You cannot possibly fall short of activities to engage your mind with. Talk to a friend on the phone, watch television, play games, read something, etc. The list is endless. The aim should be to get the focus off food for some time.  Once you are not thinking about food, the intensity of the craving also subsides. Whatever the scenario, give yourself about ten to fifteen minutes to understand if you are really hungry.

On the other hand, if your urge to binge does not subside, then you actually need to eat. It’s not just your mind, but your body is in need of some fuel. Now night time eating can really add to your weight woes, so you have to be careful before grabbing a snack. Some good night-time snacks are a glass of milk, fruit, popcorn, yogurt, lean meat, crackers, low fat cheese etc.

Seek foods that are low on carbohydrates during the night. The best option is to have low fat milk or yogurt. So whip up a fruit yogurt or a low fat smoothie. You can also try soy milk or vegetable juice without too much sugar and salt. If you really need something to eat; make it a high protein snack. So you can try to egg whites or lean meats like chicken, turkey or fish.

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