Oily Skin – 5 Tips On Dealing With It

People basically have 3 different types of skin: dry, oily and mixed. People who possess oily skin may find it comparatively difficult to take care of their skin.

But do not panic at reading this. Even you can deal with your oily skin by looking after it in a proper way. Here are 5 tips on dealing with oily skin.

The first tip on dealing with oily skin is to use astringents on your face. When you cleanse and exfoliate your face, your skin pores open up.

Astringents, a chemical substance that has the tendency to tighten your body tissues, when used on the face closes the pores on your skin. This way it prevents dust and other pollutants from blocking your pores.

The second tip on dealing with oily skin
is to make use of skin care products that are water-based. If you use oil-based products, they may worsen your condition and give rise to acne and/or blackheads.

Since oily skin is likely to produce plenty of oil on the skin, the use of water-based products is a better option. Using light makeup in hot and sweaty weather is an intelligent option.

Today, application of make-up has become an essential part of the beauty regime. The third tip for dealing with oily skin is to remove your cosmetics correctly. Use cleansing milk with gentle exfoliating effects to remove your make-up.

This will serve the dual purpose of removing your make-up as well as cleansing your face of the excessive grime and dirt. And if you do not use any make-up then use cleansing milk for cleaning your face every night before going to bed.

Tip number 4 for dealing with oily skin is to use appropriate moisturizers. Yes, you too need moisturizer for your skin because oily skin has the tendency to produce more oil and less moisture.

People with oily skin generally use soap-based cleansers for cleaning their face. This makes their skin dry and dehydrated. In order to replenish the lost moisture, you need to apply moisturizers often.

The fifth tip for oily skin care is to make your skin care regime a part of your daily routine. Oily skin necessitates caring for it daily in order to keep it acne-free and young looking.