Oily Skin Care

Many women suffer from the problem of oily skin and often end up cursing their skin. But every thing has its own pros and cons. Women forget the fact that oily skin is likely to get wrinkles late. This is definitely an added advantage.

It is true that oily skin is likely to get affected by a lot of problems like acne and skin blemishes. But by taking appropriate care of your skin it is possible to curb the problem of oily skin. All you have to do is to follow a strict diet and a good beauty regimen.

Oily skin needs extra care and hence you will have to ensure that you wash your face with a good quality face wash at least two times a day. keep away from face wash and other products containing harsh chemicals. Follow up with a good quality toner and a light moisturizer exclusively meant for oily skin.

Make sure that you keep your skin clean and clear at all times or else you are likely to acquire an acne. Even after you come back from outside you should make sure that you wash your face. This is because dust and other pollutants might stick to your face because of the oily nature of your face.

Clay face packs work really well to get rid of the excess oils from your skin. You can also try applying a paste of sandalwood powder mixed with cold milk to your face to control the excess oils. You can also apply lemon juice to your face to prevent the formation of oils.

You can also try washing your face with water boiled with holy basil leaves. Applying Aloe Vera also helps clear acne and controls the formation of oils in excess. Also make sure that you never step out into the sun without using a sunscreen lotion.

Have a healthy and well balanced diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables. Keep away from foods rich in fats like junk foods, fried foods. etc. as these might disrupt your digestive systemand increase your chances of getting an acne.

Also drink plenty of water to flush out all toxins from your body and for amazing skin. Follow these remedies for oily skin problems.